Competition: Deathmatch from Plan

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Open Date
18 years ago2005-07-04 00:00:00 UTC
Close Date
18 years ago2005-09-30 23:59:59 UTC
Map from Base
Allowed Engines
Judging Type
Judged (all engines combined)

This From Base competition is simple. Get the base VMF, which contains the floor plan, and make a deathmatch map out of it. This means, that you add walls, props, anything, just as long as the layout remains practically unchanged. The judges are looking for the unique styles and theme implemented to the floor plan.


Our first Source competition, entered officially post-humously. Check out the entries in the Map Vault.
1st Place - Kasperg
Test Lab 16
This map was by far the most fun of all five entries. Kasperg managed to make a very cramped layout feel quite open, and there was plenty of room to move, even with props everywhere. The detail and effort put into the map was outstanding! Z-axis was used superbly, bringing some vertical gameplay into the map.

The RPG trap was interesting. Whilst not being too obvious, the idea of it was great. Having to throw a grenade into a little hole for the RPG to fly out took some skill, and it was dangerous to stand around in the open whilst doing it. I was killed trying to get the RPG countless times.

Some odd texture choices and a crazy 8 ball-esque physics object aside, this map is well deserving of first place.
2nd Place - RabidMonkey
Probably the most detailed entry, with plenty of props and some superb brushwork. Rabidmonkey made good use of the Z-axis with plenty of catwalks and such, and through his great lighting (though a little dark) created an atmospheric arena for quite fun deathmatch battles. His 3D skybox was brilliant, with some moving clouds used to add to the atmosphere.

The RPG trap in this map was quite simple: climb up a ladder (with the buggyness of the HL2DM ladders, this was a trap by itself) onto a catwalk with some explosive barrels where you find the RPG, whilst doing all of it in the open.

Despite it's generic theme, a very well deserved second place entry which came quite close to winning.
3rd Place - Cpl.1nsane
This map is beautiful. Probably the best-looking map which was entered. However, its beauty was hindered by its horrible gameplay. 1nsane created a beautiful map which used the Z axis better than any other entry, but all of the thin catwalks and props made it very difficult to move, and doors completely buggered up the flow. The map used the rules better than other entrants (such as the Z axis and the RPG trap) and looked beautiful, which is why it got third position. It is also worth noting that even though I created the layout, I often found myself confused about where the hell I was going. Odd. :)

The entry featured the best RPG trap. It was difficult to reach, and although not incredibly dangerous to get, it worked very effectivly. The entrance to the trap was easy to find, but not incredibly obvious, meaning that the adventurous players should find it quickly.

Overall, a beautiful map which was spoilt by bad gameplay decisions such as doors, but worthy of third place.