Competition: The Test Chamber

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18 years ago2005-10-03 00:00:00 UTC
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18 years ago2005-11-03 23:59:59 UTC
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For this competition, you must build a functioning and original test chamber, similar to the one in HL where everything goes wrong. There should be a specimen of some description being tested, and then everything should go horribly wrong (again). You can include other sections in the map if you wish, but you shouldn't let that detract you from making a detailed and original test chamber.


Right, here are the results. Apologies for my holding them up.

Please test your entries properly and read the rules! We had one entry which used scores of not-included custom wads, one with lots of graphical bugs, and one which used custom code.

Not to detract from the winners, however. Well done. It looks like Kasperg gets to pick another competition.
1st Place - Kasperg
Test Lab 16
This slightly strange entry features quite an original sequence and a nice Black Mesa style facility. While some of the map is a little on the plain side, there were nice details in places, and a nice battle. The brushwork was nice, and the map felt pretty high-tech most of the way through. Another trophy for Sr. Kasperg.
2nd Place - alexb911
Energy Testing Chamber
This two-part adventure was well laid-out for the most part, and had some nice details spread about, though some opportunities which many would have taken to slip in little "come alive" things were missed. The sequence itself is funny, even if the chamber is a little blocky. Nice to have some music, too. There were some bugs, such as water all over the place, but I suspect that alexb omitted to test his map in OpenGL, and that Software rendering draws the water differently.
3rd Place - Rimrook
Can Headcrabs Float?
Download it here.

It's very short, but the brushwork is good and the texturing generally excellent, although the high-tech blue lights seem a bit strange with the stone effect chamber. There isn't really much else to say, although a massive quantity of pointless files were included. Technically it should have been disqualified, as he used custom code, but there were no other entries worthy of bronze so Rimrook gets a trophy by the skin of his teeth.