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18 years ago2006-01-28 00:00:00 UTC
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18 years ago2006-02-21 23:59:59 UTC
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This is a contest to produce good-quality multiplayer maps for MuzzleFlash's HLDM server. The winner, as well as receiving the customary trophy, will be considered for an administration position on the server.


We had a much tidier thirteen entries for this competition, somewhat of an improvement on the single submission of the last. Nice to see you do still bother sometimes! Ant, who acted as the staff judge for this competition, would like to say a few words:

I'd like to use this opportunity to hand out some special mentions, the first of which goes to BrattyLord. BrattyLord's map bl_twhl was constructed for the purposes of this compo. Unfortunately, he did not submit it via the competition page and as such, wasn't judged along with the other maps. However, we feel that it is very worthy of a mention, due to its quality.

The second and final special mention goes to Masta Killa for sol_arena. This map, inspired by Unreal Tournament, was a rather uniquely designed and executed map. Unfortunately, it was just edged out by other entries (it was rather difficult to find winners for 2nd and 3rd).

Congratulations to everyone!
1st Place - Rimrook
Poison Garden 1.1
Download here!

It was a unanimous decision to place this beautiful map in first place. From the moment it loads to the moment the server changes maps, you're entranced by a strange and wonderfully surreal world of natural and artificial beauty. It is clear that Rimrook put a lot of work into this map and it really does show - the custom textures, the brilliant level design and the ambience all combine to showcase what the Goldsource engine is all about. Who needs Source?

As a result of some discussions, the server admin award will not go to Rimrook. It will instead go to...
2nd Place - Archie
Although not entirely perfect, this map is rather charming (and not only because you attempted to score brownie points by adding Alex's and my avatars in the map). This map has a very nice Star Wars feel to it, complete with an assortment of traps (something I like in HLDM - I have to compensate for the lag somehow). The map is nicely detailed with custom textures and some pleasing brushwork. Since Rimrook is unable to take the admin position, The Hunter takes that honour.
3rd Place - Jax
dm_breach by Jax
Download here!

Jax has demonstrated his glorious return to mapping with this map, which combines are variety of different maps into one super map. You'll see fragments of Black Mesa, as well as a room inspired by the CS map de_dust!
This map is extremly well put together, with a winning layout and excellent weapon placement. The level design, although severely lacking in some places, was quite pleasing and has really demonstrated Jax's continually improving skills with the engine. A worthy third place.