Competition: Funny Mapping

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17 years ago2006-10-07 00:00:00 UTC
Close Date
17 years ago2006-11-18 23:59:59 UTC
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For this competition, make something funny. Judges will be looking for something funny, perhaps clever, and, of course, well-made. You have a bit over a month. This competition is open for separate HL and HL2 entries. There will be gold, silver and bronze places available for each engine, and judging will be entirely distinct.


Phew, results.
1st Place - Taylor
Texas Rangers
Get it.
  • CFG file left in folder
+ reskins were funny

+ laughed at chucks entrance and exit

+ voice acting was good, script was funny

+ good mapping effort, nice ship in background of warehouse

+ Walker is a bad dude
2nd Place - Kasperg
The Weakest Link
Get it.

+ nice looking map

+ put together well

+ laughed at NPCs all voting for gordon as weakest link

+ laughed at gordon's exit interview

+ great idea for the compo entry
3rd Place - The_6th_Monkey
The G-Man Sequence
Get it.

-cfg file left in folder

+ nice music

+ laughed at 1 ton dropping on g-man

+ very clever use of entities

+ liked the snarks carrying the TWHL sign

+ evident hard work and effort