Competition: 30 Brushes

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Open Date
13 years ago2011-03-26 00:00:00 UTC
Close Date
13 years ago2011-04-09 23:59:59 UTC
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Allowed Engines
Goldsource, Source
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Judged (all engines combined)

We're doing something a little different this time. There is no theme, and only one limit - the brush count. You have 30 brushes to make something beautiful, so make 'em count! There is no limit to how complex you make the brushes, so long as there is not more than 30 of them.
  • Skybox brushes do not count towards the limit
  • 3D skyboxes are allowed, but brushes inside them count
  • No props, this is all about fancy brushwork
  • Point entities like lights and cubemaps are unlimited, but...
  • Do not bother with fancy entity setups - it's about the brushes!
  • Custom textures are fine, no models obviously
  • Displacements each count as a brush, use them wisely
  • Brush entities count towards the limit, but there shouldn't be much use for them anyway, we're voting on screenshots, not playable maps.
All entries must be submitted in the official thread, not uploaded to the competition system. We don't have a suitable system in place just yet, so ignore the submit entry option, and any of our regular rules relating to submitting entries.

Submit your entry by uploading a couple of screenshots, 3 maximum, and posting them in the thread with the words "Final". You are free to post 'work in progress' shots in the thread, just make sure you tell us that's what they are. Along with your final image, post a screen of your Map Information panel (Map > Show Information), so we can see how many brushes you're using. You will have to let us know how many of them are skybox and entity brushes, and we'll take your word on that, so don't abuse our trust!

At the end of the competition, you guys will be voting for the winner, so even if you don't enter, you'll still have the chance to be involved in the end.


Here they are, the winners of Competition 30 as voted by you guys. Working with a small amount of brushes isn't an easy task, but the results have been mighty impressive. This competition also had the largest turnout in a very long time, so kudos to all!
1st Place - Tetsu0
Unnamed entry
With the most votes, Tetsu0 comes in first. Making incredible use of 30 brushes, he's created a full Deathmatch layout with a minimalistic art style. Very impressive stuff.
2nd Place - Cpl.1nsane
Unnamed entry
Cpl.1nsane gets second place. Again, it's a small entry, and perhaps not the most clever use of 30 brushes, but a beautifully composed and atmospheric scene.
3rd Place - Archie
Third place goes to Hunter, for his entry "Collapse". It's small, but a novel idea with some great detail. A little simplistic in it's use of brushes, but none-the-less a great entry.
Tied for fourth place were zeeba-G, Door and The_(c)Striker, and then after that the votes were very, very close. Thanks for baring with our last-minute voting system, and bringing in so many entries!

Good job, people.