Competition: The Whole Ascension Life (Mini Competition)

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2 weeks ago2019-02-01 00:00:00 UTC
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1 week from now2019-03-01 23:59:59 UTC
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1 week from now2019-03-02 01:00:00 UTC
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3 weeks from now2019-03-14 23:59:59 UTC
Mini Competition
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Goldsource, Source
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Community Vote

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At the start of 2019, Phillip Marlowe of the Half-Life site Run Think Shoot Live announced that he would be stepping away from the site and gaming in general. While the site is by no means dead, one thing that will become far less frequent are the Ville challanges. Themed challenges in which mappers would have to create a singleplayer map within a matter of weeks.

In the first of what may become many mini-competitions here on TWHL, I intend to pick up the torch. Not only will this benefit people looking to stretch their mapping muscles, it will also provide a (hopefully) wide new range of singleplayer content for Valve's games for the community to enjoy.

This is very much an experiment. It may have issues, it might need certain aspects to be ironed out in future competitions, it might even fail completely.


Your goal is to make a singleplayer map in any of the official Valve games that focuses on "ascending." This word can be interpreted in many different ways and that is absolutely fine. So long as your map is based around the idea of ascension. Maybe you will challenge the player with a difficult climb. Perhaps they must navigate a flooded labyrinth in order to reach the open air. Maybe you have greater plans for the player want to send them skyward... or beyond? Or perhaps your map will be much more of the spiritual persuasion.

So long as your entry works with any Goldsource or Source game on Steam and does not overwrite any existing files, you can include any custom content you desire, with the exception of custom code. However, the entries will be reviewed purely on the map and its relevance to the theme. Custom models and flashy new effects might look great, but don't waste too much of what little time you have on them. Note: Naturally, any custom content included that you have not created yourself should be properly credited in your readme.txt file.

Think of it this way: You'd be better off making map set in Black Mesa, filled with standard Half-Life assets that sees the player shoot from a subterranean tunnel to the stratosphere. This would be received much better than a map in a completely new world of your own imagining where the player climbs a single flight of stairs.

Entries close on March 1st. Good luck!
Post any questions, comments, or screenshots to the official forum thread.

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