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20 years ago2003-09-25 00:00:00 UTC
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20 years ago2003-10-25 23:59:59 UTC
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Make a map based on a movie, like a movie, inspired by a movie... movie, movie, movie.

It can be interactive or non-interactive, with scripting or without. Anything, really. Just give it some kind of connection with film or a film.


We didn't have many entries for this contest, which I thought was kind of ironic, since you guys voted overwhelmingly for the topic, but I was pleased to find that those that did come in were of excellent quality. Yep, all of them. I guess that's what comes from having such a great site to teach you mapping. :)

Anyhow, enjoy these entries, because they really are good. I mean it. And here's Vassy's, which is excellent, but just missed the top three. It's a well put-together scene from Goldeneye, and features some good camera-work.
1st Place - Jobabob
Starwars Halflife
Hey, be careful when running this map - it might knock you off your chair. It knocked me off mine. The first half of the map is one of the best
sequences I've seen in a long time. Lighting, texturing, sound, not to mention contruction, all combine to make it intensely, intensely dramatic.

In the second half you are distanced from the action a little, which might seem like a bad thing, but it isn't, especially considering the running-time of the contest. You'll probably sit there shaking your head a little, wondering how insanely complex the entity set-ups must be as they are. And how long it must have taken to fine-tune them. (Almost as long as it took to release these results, I'd guess.)

That grin that spreads across your face in the opening seconds is still there when everything comes to a close several minutes later. It's all very, very nice.
2nd Place - Cpl.1nsane
Balins Tomb
Another excellent entry. This one is incredibly detailed; the brushwork is superb. Its atmosphere is great: those dusty skeletons scattered over the floor, bits of pillar cracked and broken, that beam of light illuminating the tomb with mathematical precision.

The short opening camera sequence is also well choreographed. I'd have liked it to be longer, in fact, since the map is not interactive (unless you count the well), but it's enough to show off the extreme attention to detail and sheer complexity of the construction of the map. High quality stuff.
3rd Place - SlayerA
Download here (offsite).

Clever title! It's a clever entry! Gordon has two fairly talented actors to guide to
the saftey of their G-man agent. These guys have a lot to say, but the cool thing is, it's not the usual "why do we have to wear these ridiculous ties" stuff. It's more like, "oh, groovy, baby!" You'll have to play it and see. And while you're at it, look into the camera on the Independence Day set. I got a strange feeling there was a political message in that. :)

It's a neat idea, well executed, and it differs from our other winning entries by being interactive. Get one!