Competition: Talking Scientists

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Open Date
20 years ago2004-05-06 00:00:00 UTC
Close Date
20 years ago2004-05-27 23:59:59 UTC
Full Map
Allowed Engines
Judging Type
Judged (all engines combined)

Produce a room with two scientists in it.
When the player enters the room, the scientists turn to each other and have a conversation. The type, length and wording of the conversation is your choice....

If you use your own sentence.txt and .wav files you must upload the files as a minimod (stand alone game).
This will make judging quicker :-)

This contest was set and will be judged by Andy. Direct any questions you may have to him.


It was very difficult to seperate these entries and place them in order of merit. They all achieved the goal of showing Two Scientists having a conversation.

Honourable mentions go to Vassy and MattyB.
1st Place - The Mad Carrot
Talking Scientist - Entry by MuzzleFlash
Using all the available HL resources, MuzzleFlash showed how to put together a simple conversation sequence with impact.

I am still laughing, but that is not the reason it was first. The Sci's worked well together, couldn't be interupted and the room design enhanced the conversation.
2nd Place - Captain P
The Playtest
A large map that looks like it will become something more than just a compo entry. Contrary to the Readme, the voice acting isn't all that bad :-) After gameplay, the player is teleported to a camera sequence of the Sci's finishing the story.
3rd Place - VOX
What did I do?
Vox's simple modification of the sentences.txt proved that it is possible to create an interesting map. Some minor glitches in processing the wav files detracted from the overall "feel" of this map.