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Posted 3 months ago2022-04-27 10:19:50 UTC
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I'm about to buy a Sony remote assistant for tape decks, it's called RM-S5.

But its remote, RM-S5C, is a very rare remote control to find. I need it. Here some pics.

Does anyone have this remote? Or do you know someone who has it?

If anyone knows anything, please get in touch.
The remote control above belongs to this remote device.The remote control above belongs to this remote device.


Commented 3 months ago2022-04-27 10:54:54 UTC Comment #104354
Are you specifically interested in that remote, or could you use a universal remote?

LIRC has configuration files for a bunch of Sony devices with similar names. Not RM-S5 specifically but I think the manufacturers reuse a lot of codes so they could be largely compatible https://www.lirc.org/

AFAIK we don't have a lot of electronics nerds here, but Stojke might know about these things
Commented 3 months ago2022-04-27 15:46:39 UTC Comment #104356
I'm specifically interested in that remote.

But maybe I can buy another compatible control to serve as a test remote.

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