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Penguinboy2 weeks ago2018-06-02 04:57:58 UTC 14 comments
TWHL is different! Welcome to the new version of TWHL, version 4. If you find any issues with the site, please post them in the discussion thread.
After some updates to the shoutbox, it seems that more people are able to locate it, so I've removed the big red message from the post.

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Solokiller13 hours ago2018-06-22 11:20:25 UTC 24 replies
I've looked at a few networking libraries and it looks like Lidgren is the one to go for: It's recommended by most and provides everything that's neede...
sample vodka16 hours ago2018-06-22 08:39:06 UTC 6 replies
You should mean "gang wars" is a hl1 mod which haven't got bots Ok thanks anyway ;3
SiMpLeToN20 hours ago2018-06-22 04:23:41 UTC 0 replies
Hi there, I've begun making a map for Half-Life 2 and have run into an issue: my brushes and props do not receive any specularity. I know this because weapon_cubemap is only textured without any re...
MistaX881 day ago2018-06-21 23:04:52 UTC 3 replies
I should see if they fixed sprays in 1.6 (no one has been able to see other player's sprays for some time now). I doubt it though. Sprays might not be that important but on servers now when a custom s...
I tried them. Gives white light effect i don't need that

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Posted 2 weeks ago2018-06-02 03:15:35 UTC • Voting closed • 0 comments
What's your favourite shade of blue?
  • Cobalt: 38% (38 votes)
  • Azure: 21% (21 votes)
  • Cyan: 17% (17 votes)
  • Turquoise: 11% (11 votes)
  • Royal: 11% (11 votes)
  • Teal: 3% (3 votes)