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Penguinboy3 months ago2018-09-07 12:00:06 UTC 7 comments
TWHL now has an official Discord server! It's a good place to talk about TWHL, mapping, or whatever else you like! We also have channels for some TWHL projects.A link to the server is on the front page for all logged-in and logged-out users. We haven't set up many channels yet, so if you have suggestions please join in and let us know!

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Half-Life 20th Anniversary: Vanilla Half-Life

Full Map • Judged (each engine separate)

Judging in Progress

Results coming soon!

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Shepard62700FR3 hours ago2018-12-09 23:56:29 UTC 10 replies
AFAIK, since Solokiller is using .NET Core, the performance differences should be minor. Also there is code cleanup involved so that needs to be taken into account. I guess we'll have the answer on...
satchmo6 hours ago2018-12-09 21:16:58 UTC 155 replies
Let me know when the judging process is complete and we have winners.
tschumann19 hours ago2018-12-09 08:33:58 UTC 0 replies
I've released a major update to Sandpit: Top of the changlelog is that it's on the latest Half-Life SDK now but under the hood the Model Menu...
tschumann2 days ago2018-12-07 21:54:04 UTC 7074 replies
[quote]tschumann, is that for adding entities on a map? I did something similar a few years ago. Even made custom K/V fields and ability to work together online. Did you make a FGD parser or it's just...
Strider2 days ago2018-12-07 14:41:15 UTC 20 replies
I don't think that'll be my kind of game, but with the Fallout and Troika vets running the show it's hard not to be a little curious.

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Posted 6 months ago2018-06-02 03:15:35 UTC • Voting closed • 0 comments
What's your favourite shade of blue?
  • Cobalt: 38% (38 votes)
  • Azure: 21% (21 votes)
  • Cyan: 17% (17 votes)
  • Turquoise: 11% (11 votes)
  • Royal: 11% (11 votes)
  • Teal: 3% (3 votes)