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Strider2 months ago2019-11-04 12:38:26 UTC 0 comments
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In case you missed it, TWHL Tower 2 has started. If you're not familiar, the goal is to build whatever you please in a 1024x1024x224 space, to make all the floors for our very own tower. Any old idea is welcome. It's a nice, small place to start if you're new to mapping, or to challenge yourself if you've been here as long as the rest of us old fogies. It'll be running through to the end of January next year, so you'll have 3 whole months and probably then some to get something together. Give it a look here!


If you're struggling to finish your map in time, good news: the deadline has been extended to the 29th of February. That's a month and a half still left to get something together. Happy mapping!

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abbadon19 minutes ago2020-01-22 14:59:28 UTC 7176 replies
> Also, someone might ask me "Why are you doing everything, even the stuff you're not good at?" Amen
DON´T duplicate entities... insert them one by one. Sometimes if you duplicate them ( because they are the same and you don´t feel the need of doing that boring thing on and on ) the compiler start...
I am studying this tutorial trying to understand how to make that, when a impulse command is activated a function that is in the clientside part (cl.dll) runs. [
Ogdred1 day ago2020-01-20 19:48:10 UTC 85 replies
I can't wait to see the fruit of our labor!
Admer4562 days ago2020-01-19 22:37:19 UTC 1 reply
I recommend starting with this tutorial instead: You'll be using VS 2017 instead of 2015 (actually, 2019 should also work) and a slightly updated version of the H...

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Posted 1 month ago2019-12-08 04:58:02 UTC • Voting closed • 2 comments
In light of the VR-exclusive Half-Life: Alyx being announced, what's your current stance on VR technology in gaming at the moment?
  • Interested, but it's too expensive: 42% (20 votes)
  • Not interested in VR: 23% (11 votes)
  • Interested, planning to buy VR gear soon: 17% (8 votes)
  • Interested, but there's not enough games yet: 13% (6 votes)
  • I already own a VR headset: 6% (3 votes)