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Penguinboy1 month ago2022-05-26 09:59:03 UTC 7 comments
The results to the Bridge The Gap competition have been announced! We had so many great entries this time around, it was very hard to narrow it down to only three entries for the podium. Congratulations to the winners!

Check out the results here.

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Meerjel011 hour ago2022-06-30 19:02:26 UTC 17 replies
No a txt file for story. It's not too fantastic but it's good enough. I think.
jamie2 days ago2022-06-28 00:43:48 UTC 4 replies
I think they used them as a placeholder, because i made another test map with a scripted sequence and it works.
jamie3 days ago2022-06-27 17:23:20 UTC 1 reply
That article is kinda old and not updated, thus doesnt work. Here is a better tutorial
Frissi5 days ago2022-06-25 18:18:34 UTC 6 replies
Thank you jamie !

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