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We couldn't just let Valve's 25th Anniversary updates for Half-Life go without a TWHL-style celebration!

So we're announcing the Half-Life 25th Anniversary: Vanilla HLDM Competition - make an all-new vanilla Half-Life deathmatch map!
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Half-Life 25th Anniversary: Vanilla HLDM Competition

Simple: make an all-new deathmatch map for Half-Life and keep it "vanilla" to stay in the style of the game's standard maps.

Deadline: January 3rd, 2024.

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Half-Life 25th Anniversary: Vanilla HLDM

Full Map • Judged (each engine separate)


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I was afraid of that... Thanks!
REBELVODKA3 hours ago2023-12-04 20:27:30 UTC 7315 replies
Tarek3 hours ago2023-12-04 19:54:42 UTC 3 replies
Just set hammer++ up with bms, and it seems to work fine, gotta make some maps first then i can give a more accurate answer
REBELVODKA6 hours ago2023-12-04 17:01:04 UTC 1 reply
Bumping it sorry, important question
MethanolSlurper10 hours ago2023-12-04 12:57:41 UTC 2 replies
Damn, that's some useful info, I had no idea you could scale verticies! Thanks!

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