My birthday is today

Posted 2 months ago2022-06-14 18:33:56 UTC
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Thinking about plans in my life, becoming old... Just completed 27 today.

Wanting to finish my Sony and Aiwa audio systems.

If the life allows, maybe I gonna purchase a car and have a license.

Also I gonna do new map projects on the future.


Commented 2 months ago2022-06-14 19:18:22 UTC Comment #104545
happy birthday!
Commented 2 months ago2022-06-15 01:31:50 UTC Comment #104546
happy day of the birth!
Commented 2 months ago2022-06-16 17:33:45 UTC Comment #104548
Good on you M!
Commented 2 months ago2022-06-17 01:03:43 UTC Comment #104553
I got a question. Does life gets harder when you reach 27? Im 24 and i just want warnings
Commented 2 months ago2022-06-19 16:16:29 UTC Comment #104564
Does life gets harder when you reach 27?

No. Most of us get a lot of wisdom when getting older.
Commented 2 months ago2022-06-19 16:17:02 UTC Comment #104565
Thanks for the congratulations everyone. Thanks.

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