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Delete my offensive pic eh mods??? EH???!!!

I don't blame you to be honest. Not even doom music could save him anyway, it's no secret to anybody.

Anyway, I bought S.T.A.L.K.E.R a couple of days ago and it's just like Oblivion but with Ak47s to replace the swords. Time to stab with bullets! I bought my friend a copy too, but he broke his wrist so it was more a form of torture than anything because he can't play it properly!

Ps: Whatever happened to freedom of speech anyway?
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User posted image
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Some screens of a WIP level
User posted image

User posted image

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well spank my ass and call me charlie... havent been here in a LONG time
but there's always a time to return and it is now. new map up in the unfinished vault, go takey a look! ;)
Wrangler24917 years ago2004-12-11 08:39:55 UTC 0 comments
this anonymous guy seems to be causing a lot of pain, i suggest dis-allowing people the right to post unless they are a member and deleting the relavent offending members that already exist
Wrangler24917 years ago2004-11-16 04:48:10 UTC 0 comments
i think I am going to be sick with excitement...

Half-Life close...
Wrangler24917 years ago2004-11-14 09:59:17 UTC 0 comments
Wrangler24917 years ago2004-10-23 05:44:25 UTC 0 comments
Oops...I seem to have wiped my ass with a Lemming...
Wrangler24917 years ago2004-08-20 14:14:15 UTC 0 comments
wurt!! new map in the works, but man it is really annoying me! TOO MANY DIRECT LIGHTS ON A SURFACE!!! my ass... :x
Wrangler24918 years ago2004-08-12 05:08:13 UTC 0 comments
Won a compo, I'm quite pleased. Get the map from FLoater619's site, But most of all, ENJOY IT :lol: :lol:
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WTF! Sum c*nt is fucking around on this site and it is really beginning to get to me. Why cant you just grow the fuck up whoever it is!
Wrangler24918 years ago2004-07-25 00:41:19 UTC 0 comments
Public Apology.

I am sorry for my over reaction last night, and I admit it was an over reaction. I just dont want TWHL to go. It just offers so much. Again guys, sorry for my overreaction last night. :)
Wrangler24918 years ago2004-07-24 14:00:58 UTC 0 comments
This cant be happening, no seriously guys, this CANT actually be happening. TWHL cant go... ITs the spark that relit the fire of mapping for me! I had all but given up on HL mapping until I found this site. Its thriving community greeting me with a really good rating for my first published map. TWHL represents a lot more than just a bunch of people putting up maps and tutorials, it represents a great strenght that A few people started off and kept going all this time...only for it to be torn down in a moment by floods. Think about it, and dont kill TWHL, it means a lot to many people. I may not have been in this community long but I know that it does mean a lot, even to me.
Wrangler24918 years ago2004-07-23 14:41:19 UTC 0 comments
1 word: :lol:
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1 h4v3 n0// d3cid3d 2 sp33k 1|| L337. Ph33r //3!