Admer4565 days ago2020-10-24 12:12:40 UTC 1 comment
My last post in "Post your WiP screenshots" was about my modification of the idTech 3 engine. Now I decided to take it to the journals, since it's ultimately unrelated to Half-Life. But not entirely.

Simply put, the ideas are:
1. Have a GoldSRC-like folder structure: maps, models, sound etc.
2. In mapping, work with it almost as if it were GoldSRC or Quake (this means you make the map in J.A.C.K. or TrenchBroom or whatever)
3. Don't use any Half-Life asset formats or anything from the HL SDK
4. Keep the aesthetic of GoldSRC

It's mainly for folks like me, who are too used to GoldSRC but still wanna make standalone games using archaic methods.
I moved the project to Godot, primarily due to licencing. Not being able to use certain libraries, due to GPL, sucks.

Now the challenge is even more interesting, because I'll need to build a "game engine" on top of Godot - something vaguely similar to what S&box is doing; also somewhat similar to what SharpLife is doing - because I wish to keep the GoldSRC-like workflow: make a map in an external map editor like TrenchBroom, export, compile, and put it somewhere in the maps folder. Then run the engine, open the console and use the map command. No Godot Editor involved.

One neat thing I'm planning to do is manual VIS, since there's no VIS in Godot, or rather, no occlusion culling system. Manual VIS, done in the map editor, would look like this:
CryEngine Sandbox Editor manualCryEngine Sandbox Editor manual
How you'd do this in J.A.C.K., I imagine, would be to place two big brushes textured with VISAREA, each encompassing a room they're associated with, and between them, you place a smaller brush textured with VISPORTAL. I believe that humans are more efficient at optimising a map than the compiler. Anything outside of VIS areas (isn't encompassed by any such brush) would be treated as the outdoors, which is never rendered from the indoors, unless the player sees a special VISPORTALEXIT portal.

Here's an illustration:
User posted image
Normally world brushes; I only used func_wall to get the transparencyNormally world brushes; I only used func_wall to get the transparency
The compiler would have to strip off the NULL faces etc., mark which face is in which area etc. and that's about it as far as the basics go. In that early state, maps will have to be made in a specific way, for example, you'll have to cut brushes wherever two VIS areas meet:
Kinda tedious, I knowKinda tedious, I know
If I develop the compiler any better, it'll automatically cut stuff where two areas meet, which is basically what Doom 3's map compiler does.

We'll see where this goes. Worst-case scenario, I'll just go back to idTech 4 and dumb it down lol.
UrbaNebula1 week ago2020-10-17 23:17:25 UTC 14 comments
I dunno about you folks, but personally I take my mediocre 2002 Vin Diesel action movies intravenously.
VeryCoolMoment1 week ago2020-10-16 19:11:44 UTC 3 comments
Uh So i fucked up in some places
I may have to rewrite some systems just to get Ammo and get Health and other systems working

And Im gonna actually do some modelling!
zeeba-G2 weeks ago2020-10-15 16:23:54 UTC 11 comments
After mapping for Goldsource for 16+ years, it's time for something different.

I've been messing with Unity and learning C# in my spare time.

I want to make very simple 2D games and have already started a simple platformer.

So far i've programmed my character to respond to the arrow keys and move side to side and jump. He also plays his idle and walk animations. I did so by following along tutorials on YouTube but took a step back to run through tutorials on C# in general. It's a huge beast to understand for someone like me but i'm very slowly beginning to understand the fundamentals.

Does anyone here have experience in Unity?
I am currently working on a Multiplayer Game inside Unreal Engine 4 (Yes I could be using Unity or Even Source but I will get too that Later Future Journal post?)

I'm trying to make it like Half-Life Deathmatch and QIII Arena

Right now I don't have any Footage thats good enough Since its still early
Suparsonik3 weeks ago2020-10-05 03:24:31 UTC 12 comments
A quarter dollar in USDA quarter dollar in USD
Rimrook3 weeks ago2020-10-04 12:16:55 UTC 7 comments
One time I actually did put Ovaltine in eggnog. Ovaltine is a type of chocolate mix full of vitamins for those who don’t know what it is. So I drank an incredibly dense shake of the stuff. Needless to say I didn’t eat the rest of day. It tasted interesting to say the least.
seedee1 month ago2020-09-05 19:35:49 UTC 6 comments
My cat was hospitalized for a reduced appetite, weight loss, and possible abdominal mass. Blood results showed 800 μmol/l of creatinine, normal levels being 140 μmol/l, indicating kidney failure. The abdominal ultrasound showed abnormal kidneys, possibly due to cancerous causes (lymphoma). She has eaten a small amount this morning but her blood results have only mildly improved. Considering euthanasia due to her poor quality of life.
User posted image
No real point to this journal, just wanted to share.
Archie1 month ago2020-09-01 18:25:33 UTC 11 comments
No, it's the trials and tribulations of some of the worst z-list heroes ever to grace our planet. The English language has a crutch in the form of adding ', man' to the end of sentences (e.g. 'it's really cold, man!') We remove the comma, and the resulting terrible superhero (Really Cold Man) is put through their paces by the literary genius of four morons with a combined writing experience of 'some'. It's stupid, it's funny, it flies off the rails far too regularly. It's The Worst Superheroes podcast.

Urby, AJ, Scoots and myself have been sitting on this for like three years, and I figured we really should get round to releasing them. Look forward to an episode every fortnight.

Ep1 is a bit shit, but by ep3 I'm legit convinced we're onto a winner. Give it a listen and let us know what you think :)

Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes)
Podcast Addict

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Draeger1 month ago2020-08-30 13:37:51 UTC 4 comments
Yesterday, I decided to make some chlorine and try and ignite some iron. So I got my bleach and my hydrochloric acid and filled 100ml of chlorine bleach into a beaker. Then I dropped some hydrochloric acid into the bleach. It exothermically reacted to evolve chlorine gas.
NaClO + 2 HCl → NaCl + H₂O + Cl₂

Then I took a piece of iron wire in tongs and heated it with a handheld burner until it glowed bright white. Then I held it into the beaker. Red smoke started coming off of the iron.
2 Fe + 3 Cl₂ → 2 FeCl₃
The red smoke was subliming (turning to gas without melting first) iron(III) chloride.

By the way, chlorine smells like salad at lower concentrations. At higher ones, it smells like someone shoving a plate of salad into your face. It also looks like salad gas. The salad element. Also I have a fume hood so I took no damage except that it wasn't strong enough so the house smelled like chlorine, but it was still a safe concentration. The odor threshold of chlorine is 0.002 parts per million, and immediately dangerous dose is 10 parts per million.

So, hello. I'm Draeger.

I created an account here since I thought it'd be fun to join a forum about modding and journalling it all and making some progress by asking for some help. But nope, plans destroyed right now since:

I have an asshole "friend" who's probably some psychopathic sociopathic own personal hell mix thingy. Not so cool. He's controlling.. well, it's easier to count up what he doesn't control. He doesn't control stuff I do at home when I am offline, well, mostly offline. At least on the 20 things where he's on my friends list, stalking my status.

We met in primary school, obviously a long time ago. It was fun, we were so similar. He was lying a bit to make me like him more, but he said sorry later. But then he started being forceful. Controlling my opinions. Getting angry at me if I didn't come online every day. Or took a few seconds to answer his calls. "I was on the toilet, though..", he: "Well, you should've put your status to idle, then! God, I have to tell you everything...". But then he's so nice again, suddenly I did something bad and he's like "Ah, it's alright. Next time, just tell me immediately. Alright? :)", and that way, I guess he sort of got a mind control on me. When I do something good, he treats me nice, when I do anything bad, he immediately sends me off to personal hell for a while, and then is like "Don't do it again, and everything will be nice and pleasant." and some part of my brain now prevents me from leaving him, since I'd hurt him, I guess. Whenever I try, I just stop again and say sorry 20 times and go off to personal hell again, just to remain his friend, even though it's a very horrible experience that has already scarred me in a way:

One time he allowed himself to do some sadistic prank, where early after primary school, in the school after that (I live in Germany, you change school here after 4th grade) lots of us younger people told stories of older kids punching younger kids for fun and stuff like that. And he told me that someone was chasing us. I have diabetes, so that eventually nearly killed me, since I got a severe hypoglycemia, but we managed to work it out by me just throwing like 10 plates of sugar into my mouth until I couldn't eat any more. Well, after that I had many panic attacks nearly every time I went outside, or stood still, or tried to lie down in bed. After a while, it got better, but I still have agoraphobia and claustrophobia and other fun stuff like that.

Well, and I can't leave him since I get a deep feeling of having done something horribly wrong every time I try it. I feel like I am murdering someone when I try to. So no way I am able to leave him, and every attempts by friends and family to get me to have failed. There's looots of things I'd do to not have to leave him.

Well, why am I not able to get access to Half-Life 2 right now? Well, I have been offline for more than a week now. He's probably very angry, and I am very scared of going online since then he sends me off to our hellish fights again. And since you can't seamlessly go from offline mode to invisible mode in Steam, I can't access anything without going online, and since he'd probably immediately notice it's just not possible.

Which means I'll probably just talk about off-topic stuff here, if at all, right now. I'll be forced to face him because of school anyway, so that's when I'll start Half-Life 2 development I guess, if he doesn't force me to play with him for weeks or even months at a time again.
Shepard62700FR2 months ago2020-08-29 09:01:41 UTC 6 comments
  • You likely played that known game, even be a fan of it and there is even a remaster of it.
  • The original source code has been opened recently.
  • A libre/free port exists.
If you guessed that game, take the current year (2020) and substract it's release year.
Admer4562 months ago2020-08-02 16:31:49 UTC 13 comments
Yes. I even carried it across the field in front of my house.
User posted image
They were a little heavier than I thought TBH.
I am definitely surprised that Gordon could pick these up so easily, albeit, cinder blocks in HL2 are definitely smaller compared to these, lol.

And no, this is not a birthday journal.
Dimbeak2 months ago2020-07-30 12:35:04 UTC 7 comments
approx. $6,222.72 at time of writing in shares of Vanguard S&P 500 ETF