Reigy Squirrel16 years ago2005-02-18 13:07:31 UTC 0 comments
So, i havent wrote in a long time but bah.

Im currently managing the project "cs_office2" and I cant wait to see the results. thanks to anyone who bothered helping.
Reigy Squirrel16 years ago2005-01-28 21:14:23 UTC 0 comments
I DID IT! MY MAP IS DONE!! GO TO COMPLETE MAPS! AND look for Cs_counterstirke! download it and have fun! im playing it right now.
Reigy Squirrel16 years ago2005-01-19 10:00:47 UTC 0 comments
I make maps for CS: SOURCE and Half-life2 now! WEEE!!
Reigy Squirrel16 years ago2004-09-08 12:17:36 UTC 0 comments
HAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!! Man huge battles are so addictive, looks like i watch too much LODR. I just finished my helms deep project, kind of laggy but BLAH! who cares "A big battle is a always a laggy battle" i always say, so im trying to research how da hell am i to make a cool big non laggy battle.

And I also finished my very first deathmatch its very detailed, somewhat like a dam. And a cool deathmatch to! So many oppertunities to hit ur opponent!
Reigy Squirrel16 years ago2004-08-28 14:05:15 UTC 0 comments
yes! My control room thing is 5 stars! yay!
im thinking of making a death match thing..
Reigy Squirrel16 years ago2004-08-16 10:14:25 UTC 0 comments
HAHAHAHAAHHAHAH!! Time to submit my all powerful.. Hmmm..
needs more fixing.. (sigh)
Reigy Squirrel16 years ago2004-08-14 10:27:59 UTC 0 comments
HAHAHAAHHAA!!! My next map is the best!!
Reigy Squirrel16 years ago2004-08-08 21:33:28 UTC 0 comments
I figured this is a good place for asking how to make maps for HL. I am currently studying how to map. And my current newbie project is trying to imitate GTAIII. So you will be able to use Gordon and move him around the city. I hope this map will be a good enough for other expert mappers. :zonked: