kraken6 years ago2014-01-23 04:56:42 UTC 4 comments
Hey guys, I've been speed running mario 64, come check out mah stream if you'd like, be sure to say hi.
kraken7 years ago2013-04-19 17:51:19 UTC 16 comments
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Left to right, ZombieLoffe, me and Trapt.

We had a nice gathering in Melbourne whilst ZombieLoffe was travelling Australia.
kraken7 years ago2013-03-04 15:04:30 UTC 15 comments
So I have been increasingly spammed by Russian/Cyrillic looking communities on steam.

Turns out an old Jail Break map I a made became minorly popular, and I left my steam_id in the map as proof of authorship, which was a damn easy way for people to track you down.

Still, I can't say how happy it makes me to see people enjoying a map I made, there are lots of pictures on google, tonnes of stat trackers and even (terrible) videos on youtube of it.

The map is Jail_czone.

Edit: Someone even made it in minecraft!:

Google your maps!
kraken9 years ago2010-11-22 05:19:42 UTC 6 comments
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Started mapping some random stuff again. I like where this ones going.

edit: quick update
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