IMUS9 years ago2009-11-08 01:32:28 UTC 11 comments
Never did post pics of my airborne virus map, so here they are:
User posted image
User posted image
Also my latest
User posted image
IMUS9 years ago2009-08-22 21:57:29 UTC 7 comments
unfinished abandon factory
User posted image
User posted image
the outside
User posted image
yeah, that's going to need some work
IMUS9 years ago2009-08-16 03:33:40 UTC 4 comments
Some WIP Screens
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
IMUS9 years ago2009-07-09 01:17:16 UTC 5 comments
My bro has released his latest map Mansion 4, another Ep2 single player horror map. I agree with some of the comments, it's confusing. He's best work yet though. Also my compo 27 map is nearly finished so I'll definitely be entering.
IMUS10 years ago2009-03-16 21:44:38 UTC 5 comments
Time to learn how to use the source particle stuff. I've been putting it off far to long and it seems easy to learn. No doubt the extra visual candy it brings will be welcome.
IMUS10 years ago2008-04-18 18:36:37 UTC 1 comment
Ok my map messed up as I was near finishing(not the first time this has happened). It complies fine with no errors and I have tried a few things to get it to work. It runs for a second(blank screen) then just gives an error message. Don't know if I'll fix in time for the competition, but we'll see. It was an AVP2 remake.
IMUS11 years ago2008-03-07 07:20:30 UTC 1 comment
I will be entering the contest. I'll have to look over a few levels from some of my favorite games to see what's within my abilities. No doubt I'll run into problems as I typically do with contest maps.
IMUS11 years ago2008-01-31 15:50:01 UTC 0 comments
Six Feet Under has been updated with the second path. Since people seem to want outdoor environments I'll do something almost completely outside next. Maybe something mystical or abstract. Also the best Japanese rock band ever has just released their 6th MV.
IMUS11 years ago2007-10-20 11:37:46 UTC 0 comments
I can't believe I have been doing this since 2004. It's good to see that I have improved since those early days, but I have much farther to go and I intend to get there. Best of luck to us all.

Always wanted to post something from my other work

It's the background screen to the mainmenu, not exactly exciting. I'll show some gameplay screens when things are looking good. It has nothing to do with Portal though.
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IMUS11 years ago2007-07-09 17:22:36 UTC 0 comments
I thought it would be nice to do a short interview with the I in IMUS since this is the first map release in months. I in IMUS is a man of few words, but when he does talk he is blunt, serious, and short.

Mansion 3: Freeman Residence Interview

M in IMUS: So this is your first map release in awhile, tell me about the map?
I in IMUS: Long journey.

M: Did you ever change your plans?
I: Of course.

M: So what was wrong with the original plan?
I: Uninteresting, couldn't do it.

M: What have you done to address past complaints(bland wall, little detail)?
I: No real long hallways, made sure to use standard textures, and add variety to wall detail.

M: How long did you work on this map?
I: On and off, for about two years(large breaks - school, other maps, etc..)

M: Having done quite a few maps what do you think is the best process/way to improve your skills?
I: Not only should you plan out your map, but also like your design/plan.

M: Will at first you liked your plan right?
I: Yes, but new ideas were found and the old ones where found uninteresting in comparison. Some old ones where used else where.

M: Plan on joining a mod team anytime soon?
I: Yes, would join as a mapper and sound/music designer.

M: By the way does Mansion 3 feature any of your custom music?
I: It did, but I take it out.

M: Next up is...?
I: Anything, but Mansion or horror maps. Planning on more casual maps(basic HL2 mechiances)

M: Thanks for the interview

Will some of those question where/are really bad, but overall I got some new in-sight into the making of the map and how a mapper thinks. Fun interview and it's always cool to see how someone is thinking. Sorry for any mispellings.

The Mansion 3: Freeman Residence should be released soon.

The M in IMUS and I in IMUS have started work on a team project where we will basically expand our knowledge of mapping and learn from each other as we also learn to work as a team.
IMUS12 years ago2006-10-29 16:15:47 UTC 0 comments
I haven't been mapping for 2 months now. My brother is working on something so you can look forward to another sweet horror map sometime soon(month from now?). I have two big projects that I have to plan out, so it's going to take sometime to get it all done. Then there is the game I've started working on and long classes, so major delays all around.
IMUS12 years ago2006-08-04 15:54:17 UTC 0 comments
Dawn of Terror is done. Not sure what I'm going to do next, but it won't be a horror map with a confusing story.