Snpbond14 years ago2008-02-20 15:50:32 UTC 0 comments
Looks like the last journal entry for me on TWHL 2.0...sad time it is, since I have joined here 3 years ago I've learned alot, so now that all that crying shit is out of the way...On to better things :D

TWHL 3.0 Here I come!! :D
Snpbond15 years ago2006-12-07 18:06:03 UTC 0 comments
Yay, domain name for me!

Just bought , lookin good :biggrin:

Oh and Hello Snpbond! This is your 2222nd login. :)
Snpbond15 years ago2006-11-18 20:26:39 UTC 0 comments
Woot saw the new James Bond today, it was awsome :biggrin: the new bond is fitting in good, and a good actor.

I also got myself a copy of Windows Vista Buisness, so once I decide if I like it, I may put it on my main hd and then we'll see who has a good 'wallpaper of xxx month' ;)
Snpbond15 years ago2006-11-14 17:25:14 UTC 0 comments
Long time since I've put in an entry, moving away from map design I've sort of moved away from this site, yet I keep checking back. Anyways, whats new with a new computer case, going to see the new James Bond this Saturday.

And just finished my new web-site design.

Anyways, just sayin hello - Snpbond 2128th login :biggrin:
Snpbond15 years ago2006-09-12 19:33:07 UTC 0 comments
Hello Snpbond! This is your 2000th login. Incredible! :biggrin: Booh-ya! Finally get it... :P
Snpbond15 years ago2006-08-21 14:57:11 UTC 0 comments
Hello Snpbond! This is your 1900th login.
Snpbond16 years ago2006-07-08 18:59:41 UTC 0 comments
Slowly working away at the competition map, I realize that my 3d skybox skills are worthless...good thing the compo didnt say you needed one :biggrin:

And other than that going for my drivers licience monday..
Snpbond16 years ago2006-06-28 10:37:45 UTC 0 comments
My news system has been RELEASED you can now all have loads of fun trying it out and adding it on your site. Just visit my site for the download link.
Snpbond16 years ago2006-06-25 12:07:01 UTC 0 comments
Well finished making a php news script. With install, no download as of yet since I need to work out the little bugs. Check out the test page here:

and the admin panel here

password = admin

Post away! :)
Snpbond16 years ago2006-06-11 15:01:45 UTC 0 comments
Me and some friends left our old clan and started a new one, can see the site here (made by me)
Snpbond16 years ago2006-06-10 07:00:25 UTC 0 comments
Dear Journal har! Hello Snpbond! This is your 1500th login.

Who says things like dear journal (emos?) Anyways, I like to post my login count (less and less) but 1500 is a cool number
Snpbond16 years ago2006-06-08 06:20:39 UTC 0 comments
Well..Im about a month away from my driver test (still have to book it) and Im already getting nervous, I can drive good (starting at 11 on the farm :P ) but Im afraid I'll do something stupid and fail miserably :confused:
Snpbond16 years ago2006-06-06 15:17:22 UTC 0 comments
Hello Snpbond! This is your 1480th login.

I really dont have much to I'll post my login count
Snpbond16 years ago2006-05-31 15:18:14 UTC 0 comments
Im bored latley, just finished an new layout for my site and am now waiting for the next competition. If you would like a site built for your maps then contact me and I'll try to make ya something (not guarunteeing proffesionalism :P )
Snpbond16 years ago2006-05-18 18:57:25 UTC 0 comments
After finally checking responses to my last challenge map...I have decided to make a sequel...storyline is something like this:

After making it out of the tomb you are picked up by a combine patrol...not knowing what to do with you they throw you in an old abandoned jail that once was owned by a rogue combine who was story crazy...he had 1 way to get out but to do that you have to activate a series of machines and accomplish tasks (get gas, turn on pump etc...)

You will start in your jail cell...door unlocked and you have to find your way out :) Sound good??