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#ffdb49 - #ffdb2f
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So I finally got around to playing HL2 the other day (yeah nah don't ask why it's taken me this long).

Because the game was the first one to use the Source engine, I can't help but notice that a lot of the game puzzles and gameplay focus on the physics, as if Valve was attempting to exploit this part of the engine to the max.
ie. You get a tool that can pick up objects around the world. You can't shoot to destroy turrets, they have to fall over. You build see-saws in the sewers to escape, etc.
Maybe I'm just cynical but because I've played games post HL2 which feature similar physics engines that aren't exploited like this, I'm finding this part of the game a bit overkill. kind of like how there are games build to exploit a graphics engine, this feels like it was built to exploit a physics engine.

Also, the story isn't explained very well either.
And Alyx is actually pretty annoying.
But apart from that Its alright.
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allright allright, i give up

whats up with the flippen V for vendetta masks?
NineTnine12 years ago2009-05-15 04:51:23 UTC 3 comments
Postal 3.

ha ha, i watched the trailer and it basically involved gameplay footage of TPD ('the postal dude') shooting people.
its probably going to be worse then postal 2 though...
putting cats on shotguns, pissing on people and setting people on fire with petrol cans.

creating games just for contraversy... you gotta take your hats off to RWS
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So if people are going to start going on about medical stuff,

ill just like to say that my girl friend has ... glandular fever!
then she had an alergic reaction to the medicene...

but thankfully shes slowly getting better....
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Got back from holiday up at QLD Australia the other day - very warm.
Temps have been just stupid too - its nearly 40 deg C.

Theres something really wrong with the weather i think.
NineTnine12 years ago2008-12-12 05:02:12 UTC 3 comments
well well well... looks like my time at the hospital is over - wisdom teeth out. face is still numb and had blood all in my mouth... hm, could be worse i guess...
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(basically an update from my last journal. basically.)

So, were getting our piraty pirate swords soon (for the musical), ive seen a couple already, and they are metal. Hm. too bad for the police chorus who have plastic battons... Hm.
well, i still am slighty worried because i have to jump through a few of these swords, and i dont want to know what could happen if it goes wrong...
NineTnine13 years ago2008-09-28 19:30:48 UTC 7 comments
the other day i auditioned for Pirates of Penzance musical and i got the role of a swashbuckling pirate, Narrrgh!
some of the dance is quite tricky actaully, ill need to wear knee pads the amount of times i scrape my legs along the ground
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My editing/ HL mod computer is buggerd. Ill have to salvage what i can, or fix it. But i dont know how to fix it. and i dont want to takei t apart. catch 22. a hur hur...
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finally i got a new axe handle for the hatchet (a small axe) so i can finally continue my axe throwing hobbie again!
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"No" I said to the pumkin, as it tried to steal my shopping trollys out of its hat. It gave up when it saw me making bread sandwiches.

But thats another story...
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some people on this site are really weird.
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These are my favouritest quotes on this site:

[5]"Okie dokie jackass, since you took the first swing, I feel I have a right to retaliate, and retaliate I shall." = Ant

[4] "I've met a pretty awesome guy in Scotland." = Habboi. The next post said: "the hunter is faggot" = trapt

[3] "this site is filled with Anti-American ignorant opinionated dumbasses. America is the greatest and Strongest country in the world. Accept it. More jealously I suppose eh? Enough said." = Exos

[2] "And the USMC is the most powerful fighting force on the planet. You make it sound like we've killed more of our own than than insurgents." Blitzkrieg

And my number one all time best:

"i love this guy (Dave932932)
Obviously has a real passion for mapping :)" = the hunter

i was going to add more, but dont have the time right now
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Holy Hell! I started making op4 maps again and i also backed up Point of view, Azure sheep and Sweet HL and the patch on one disk too - just in case i lose them and have to find some way to download them again. well. i also did layout plans for maps on some paper because now i spend too much time gazing at the screen trying to think up something.