Tlax14 years ago2004-09-26 01:15:13 UTC 0 comments
1700th login since 2nd March 2003.
And I have a life.
Tlax15 years ago2004-08-28 06:58:37 UTC 0 comments
Yes! after many trys I have uploade Space_Lasercore on the Map Valut
Play it and have some fun.
Tlax15 years ago2004-03-01 05:26:00 UTC 0 comments
Timefall is at last up on the net. I get problem to upload the file on my side because of the size on the zip.file the download time for people should be horrible long.
Thanks al of you as have help me to do Timefall.
Tlax15 years ago2004-02-22 14:21:51 UTC 0 comments
At last Timefall is ready "completed" the play test is over and al file is pack together in a pak0.pak file and a zip file is done.
The zip file is on 11.6MB and in this week I hope I get it on the net.
Tlax15 years ago2004-02-18 04:00:01 UTC 0 comments
The only two bugs are okay now I hop?
Must stop to test play Timefall I don't like to be a perfectionist, but I only have do to!
It's only myself to se the small defects in textur and only myself notis if a function go the wrong way, I hope?
I hope I can start to pak all together in a pak.pak file to day.
And........we se??
Tlax15 years ago2004-02-12 03:10:29 UTC 0 comments
Hunting bugs!
Go to
and look on bad bugs screens (if it so interesting)
Once more I hate bugs! but they are instructive for the future.
Tlax15 years ago2004-02-10 06:12:24 UTC 0 comments
I hate bugs!
specially when them coms in the end compiling process.
Bad bugs bad bugs grrrrr
Tlax16 years ago2003-03-01 21:00:00 UTC 58 comments
Live in Kiruna, Sweden
Mapping on a Singelplayer adventure.