Athlete12 years ago2008-01-14 05:27:37 UTC 1 comment
What the hell is it with PCFormat magazine and their covers featuring half-naked models in bikini's in suggestive poses? It has absolutely nothing to do with computers, and is obviously just to attract nerds and geeks to buy it.
Athlete12 years ago2008-01-02 22:59:07 UTC 0 comments
Need pie.
Athlete12 years ago2008-01-01 09:35:40 UTC 0 comments
God, my ovaries.
Athlete12 years ago2007-12-13 10:31:49 UTC 0 comments
Now that it is holidays, I'm back into mapping. I'm currently planning a new CSS map, called Prison-Break. The map will mainly be done through a engineering perspective, as opposed to a gameplay perspective, and I thought it seemed worth making it into a CSS map anyway. It will be a prison, based off Fox River Penitentiary, from Prison Break. The bomb targets will most likely be the East wing and West wing. Actual bomb deployment locations most likely in the cell-blocks. The infirmary, with windows over looking the exercise yard, will make for a very good sniping position, along with the guard towers of course.
Athlete12 years ago2007-10-02 05:50:12 UTC 0 comments
I just realized its been about 2-3 years since my spamming days. Now a days I log on TWHL about once a month, but in my Jimmi-spamming days it was about 20 times a day.
Athlete13 years ago2007-09-02 05:36:19 UTC 0 comments
Haven't been on this site for ages, though not much has changed, not even any new competitions or anything? Lazy buggers.
Athlete13 years ago2007-03-04 10:30:49 UTC 0 comments
I just watched a trailer for Black Mesa source which came with the NAG magazine (Local South African gaming mag). Well done RabidMonkey! :D
Athlete13 years ago2007-02-15 07:32:20 UTC 0 comments
Been having fun at school. Favorite subject so far is IT. learning to program java is awesome, plus our teacher is excellent and hilarious.
Athlete13 years ago2007-01-17 11:12:17 UTC 0 comments
Just saw prehaps the most amazing sight in my life. After the news reports of "Comet Mcnaught" flying over the souther hemisphere, we rushed outside. (9o' clock). And there it was, the enormous comet flying to the horizon, a trail of ice of unbelievable size. The comet glowing brightly in the sky. Photo's will soon come. It was truly an amazing site, with a sense of apocalypse (looked like a nuclear missile). :D
Athlete13 years ago2007-01-05 10:54:51 UTC 0 comments
Im off on a holiday, wont be back for over a month.
Athlete13 years ago2006-12-19 05:31:43 UTC 0 comments
Whew, back from an all-nighter lan. It was awsome, especialy since there was TONS of pizza, drink and sweets. And lots of gaming (28 hour non stop), with tons of real-life 1337 speak. ;) "OMFG Jimmi you noob haxor! That was so un-1337". They also dont know my real name, so call me Jimmi. Also tons of leeching off the network, ah, 48 gigs of Japanese anime for me! :biggrin:
Athlete13 years ago2006-12-16 11:45:06 UTC 0 comments
Ive found I much prefer to make THINGS (Like models/prefabs) than actual maps. It is just more my thing. Im currently making a VERY well made and realistic A10 Tankbuster. This can be used as a Prefab, or just to look at.

Here is what the real thing looks like.

Im having alot of fun, soon it will be finished - with all custom textures and whatnot. Im very proud of my current model of it I'm making (Actually made in Hammer), it is nearly IDENTICAL to the real thing.

Next up will proberly be a tank or maybe a chopper.
Athlete13 years ago2006-12-14 06:33:04 UTC 0 comments
User posted image
Im so sick of seeing these on every website...who do they think they are going to fool? :furious:
Athlete13 years ago2006-11-27 05:01:22 UTC 0 comments
I just read the journal of "Exos". Normally I'm a very calm/friendly person, :) , but this had struck my anger point.
A message to exos, if he reads this:
  • Don't insult moderators, because, unlike you, they try to keep the community up and running, and happy - all you do is cause chaos and anger.
  • About your comment about us anti-Americans, you fit that description perfectly:
"American ignorant opinionated dumbass"
  • I know you are a teen and all, and being a teen isn't easy, but please control yourself. If you cant control your hormones/peer-pressure/anger/teen-factor than don't say anything at all. Hell, I'm 16, and I don't go around having nappy-rashes.
  • FPSBanana is an utter shit site flooded with pop-ups and 11 year old CS n00bs who worship fy_iceworld. Think of it - The people who are praising your maps are the same people who praise iceworld. I would take it as an insult.
If you don't like this site, leave. You are making it sound as if you are an asset- well you aren't, your "contributions" bring nothing more than a waste of bandwidth. :|

Oh, and before I forget, another annoying journal entry:
How can some of you people still want to map for Half-Life 1?? I know It is the greatest game ever made. (That and HL2) But NO map in Half-Life 1 could meet up to today's standards. I don't care how CRAZY GOOD you are at mapping for HL1, it will not compare to if you did the same map in HL2. So why? I can understand still PLAYING it, but mapping for it? No, it is was more....logical to map for HL2. HL2's mapping is so much better.(AND EASIER!) Now I know alot of you will say "HL1 FTW!" Only because you like HL1. I can tell you now they didn't make a worse engine when they made HL2. HL2 can have higher poly models, better texture resolution, and alot more. So why seriously map for HL1!?!? PM me to discuss. :P

(NOTE: I love Half-Life 1 but I don't even play it anymore because HL2!!)
There are hundreds of reasons why people still map for HL1, but I wont explain them for I fear your VERY small and simple mind cannot handle serviceable reasons. You just supplied straight-forward reasons:

"LAWL IT KAN HAV 9999999999999999 POLIES!!!!!11111"

And last, but not least:

Making your own opinions sound like everyone has agreed on it is the worst habit one could ever have. I noticed you act as if everyone backs you up. They don't, everyone thinks you are nothing more than an immature little boy.

Athlete13 years ago2006-11-20 10:33:14 UTC 0 comments
I just saw the film "Children of men". Good film, in my opinion. :)

The trailer.