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Go see the Simpsons movie.
MiN3R13 years ago2007-07-28 08:07:48 UTC 0 comments - The TWHL city needs YUO to click on dis links plzkthxbai
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Hello MiN3R! This is your 200th login. Whoa!
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03:08 <ZombieLoffe> I see.
03:09 <min3r> hai, i liked your hallway compo entry
03:10 <ZombieLoffe> yay.
03:13 <min3r> you should thank me, thats common etiquette you know
03:14 <ZombieLoffe> fuck you
03:14 <ZombieLoffe> ^_______^

Ahhh, how i love internets!
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Hello MiN3R! This is your 100th login. Nice!
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Espen said i'm an ex-newbie, and is, therefore, t3h man.
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Yo, ssup TWHL'ers?
This is dedicated to Rimrook for the great gift:

Your nickname rhymes with
Fishing hook
But you're certainly not a mook
Because you make 1337 packs
You even include cracks
So we can model and skin
And everyone stop using CS hacks
'Cause that is lame
Ya should freakin have shame
Then you lamers complain about getting banned by vac
Because you hack
But I don't believe your tale
"But I bought retail!"
You bought retail?
Then help your seller make another sale
By buying 1.6
And don't use no aimbot "fix"

What? I was t3h borex0red

Anyway, I'm currently working on 3 maps (for CS):

csde_espl: map of my high school (slowly evolving)
fy_dusty_snipers: a dust themed sniper map (yes i know it's nooby, but i like it)
1on1_xina4life: Knife 1on1 map. office themed
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Happy easter everyone!
Damnit, i started mapping about 4 months ago and this is soooo addicting. I'm finishing my first map, hope everyone will enjoy it.

Hasta, people