Jax18 years ago2006-05-17 22:21:29 UTC 0 comments
Parents left for Europe on Monday, so now my bro & I have the house to ourselves!!! That's right, 5 weeks of parties every Friday and Saturday.

Come on down to Sydney, Australia and stay a while!

We are currently filming a internet show of our time alone and will be putting up a blog soon...
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Jax18 years ago2006-03-12 12:49:04 UTC 0 comments
Yhey I got a bronze!

I actually did not expect this, I just kept bugging the admins to see if Rim won. This is pretty cool.

Compo Results
Jax18 years ago2006-02-21 21:39:02 UTC 0 comments
Finally submitted my Compo map, It could be optimized more but since the compo reads "0 days left" I better just send it in now.
Jax18 years ago2006-02-20 20:34:28 UTC 0 comments
I really don't like these Journals. Its not as personal as I would like it to be and its just another thing to write in to show people what I think which noone cares about anyway.

Desperatly rushing to finish my compo map...
Jax18 years ago2006-02-10 00:08:53 UTC 0 comments
Yo, going to a dance party tomorrow to test out my breakdancing skills! :) On a worse note (Yes it gets worse) I really don't think I have the time to finish my map for the compo and it was really really uber-leet aswell...

Well theres my 2-cents
Jax18 years ago2005-12-24 00:02:13 UTC 0 comments
Merry Xmas,
hope you all remember this from 2 years back...
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im away from my computer at home, i can only log-in at skool
Jax20 years ago2004-02-26 02:31:15 UTC 0 comments - HEIST BABY!
Jax20 years ago2004-02-13 19:48:52 UTC 0 comments
well not quite yet
Jax20 years ago2004-02-13 17:36:36 UTC 0 comments
have joined the 'Heist' team!
Jax20 years ago2004-02-10 00:17:10 UTC 0 comments
on my site there is a movie to download, it is soooo kool it is about half life 2 mapping, it is mad, u have to watch it!!!!!