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jesus christ
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New EPNew EP
Hey guys, made a new EP with about 3 tracks.

You can listen to it here on Youtube.
Or if you're more of a Spotify kind of guy, you can find it here.

Maybe this time there will be ska! There isn't.
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Remember that EP I made that wasn't very well mixed? Well now there's more, and you can find it on Spotify here!
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Or if you're not a spotify guy, you can listen to it on a Youtube playlist here!

Alternatively, if you're an actual idiot who wants to pay for this shit, you can buy it on my Bandcamp here.
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i forgot, so this is a day late now
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I released an EP. I might be making OKAY music at this point in time.
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Hey guys, I made a thing.

Can someone give me their thoughts on the thing?

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My solo album. It is """music""".

Recommended Tracks:
-This Wasted Land
-Gayboys II
-Detective Mavish

Support my shitty """band""" on Patreon and you can get amazing perks like this.
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anybody want some cigarettes? I'm buyin'
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Last night, I finally graduated highschool, met my long lost father, and my dog came back to life.
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It's a start.
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God help me I made some things.

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Please play the Beginner's Guide.

If you don't quite like walking simulators, I don't care. To me, dismissing a game with minimal input is like dismissing a movie for not being interactive--the level of interactivity doesn't matter so long as it's a competent story told in an engaging way.
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I just don't get it. If it's art, it's art. If it expresses itself ina way that works, then it works. And I feel it's very dismissive of you to revoke this game from the right of being called a "game," even when it's expressing an idea which evidence suggest might very much relate to you. Isn't it quite funny that the person who made a whole journal saying "Fuck homophobia." is now dismissing an entire genre of human beings' work just because it is a game primarily about observation, and listening?

But even if you hate movies, books, music, or any other form of entertainment which requires minimal interaction, I know that the majority of you will be able to connect to it.

It's basically a game which holds your hand and carries you through the Source maps of the creator's friend, and tries to relate his works to things happening in his life. It may not sound thrilling, but it's very introspective, and the end of the game left me with a very compelling feeling.

Is it fiction or nonfiction? It's hard to tell. Personally, I believe it's somewhere between the two, but that won't make much sense until you try it for yourself.

Basically, this game is a must-play unless you have no interest in the deconstruction of artistic expression and introspection.

Side Note: If you have played it, please no spoiler discussion in the comments.

Side Side Note: It's an hour long, so you can play through the whole game and get a refund if you didn't like it. If you did like it, however, please don't refund it you immoral bastard, unless it's because you think the work itself is immoral, which is a fair stance to take.
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It's been almost a full year since I last made a map. This is scary, especially since I've been working nonstop on maps for a year straight. Yet, here I am, with nothing to show for it. Except I'll show for it what I can for what it's worth.

The Atlas Miller Super Space Adventure
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A very pretentious mod I poured hours into. Set in the Half-Life universe, Atlas Miller was a complicated story about a single guy who effectively replaced Gordon Freeman in the grand scale of the Half-Life narrative. Basically: an awful idea.
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I feel like this was some of my strongest work when it comes to mapping, though. I actually started to craft decent-looking environments, and I was using hand-made custom textures and playing with lighting, atmosphere, all while trying to tell a super ambitious story. But it didn't work out.
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It was too big. I aimed too high. And worst of all, I lost interest when I slowly came to realizing that it was, in fact, an awful idea from the start. Maybe the first step to making a project should be planning it out and foolproofing it, and not asking Archie to do voice acting for it and let me constantly waste his vocal talent time and again.

Fallout (Garry's Mod Edition)
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So my friend Dallas and I had an adventure on FalloutRP and decided that we wanted to make our own map that would be bigger and better in every way.

We started working in August, and we stopped just now.
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Our idea was to have a big town area for people to live normally in, an open wasteland, a Vault, a base for the NCR, a base for the legion, and plenty of other places for Raiders to base in and explore in. The best part was, Fallout 4 was coming out, we were hyped, and we could use that as our constant inspiration every day we worked on it. It's probably the most I've ever done for a single project.
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It was big. It was bold. We tried to make it as big as we possibly could. Every building had its own story. Everything was unique. With the power of fog, this could run smoothly on any computer. We were even using ported props from Fallout 3.
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We designed it so that the Legion and NCR could be at constant war, and we were even talking to the owner of the server and talking to him about the changes to the server he could make to fit our map and vice versa. So many ideas were coming along so smoothly. It was beautiful.
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But then, disaster. People had warned me about the entity limit, and I was always careful with my entities, but what really fucked me over was the brush limit.
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There were too many brush angles. Fuck. The map was only 50% done and we had hit the fucking brush limit. I guess that's what I get for trying to make an open-world game using the Source engine.
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All in all, it's a shame. I know what you're thinking--I need to buck up and deal with it.
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This might sound stupid, but I can't. We won't be delivering on half of what we promised if we started cutting here. I already have enough incomplete, released maps under my belt. I don't want one more. I would sooner start a completely new map than bring the scissors to my beloved baby. And I probably will.

All in all, expect new maps from me in the future, I guess. I just need help planning things. And I need to aim low, but keep quality high. Maybe I'll go back to making CSGO maps for nobody to play.