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approx. $6,222.72 at time of writing in shares of Vanguard S&P 500 ETF
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I graduated too. I've got a bachelors in accounting now.

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he's not very big but he gets the job donehe's not very big but he gets the job done
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jesus christ
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New EPNew EP
Hey guys, made a new EP with about 3 tracks.

You can listen to it here on Youtube.
Or if you're more of a Spotify kind of guy, you can find it here.

Maybe this time there will be ska! There isn't.
Dimbeak2 years ago2018-12-01 02:50:25 UTC 2 comments
Remember that EP I made that wasn't very well mixed? Well now there's more, and you can find it on Spotify here!
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Or if you're not a spotify guy, you can listen to it on a Youtube playlist here!

Alternatively, if you're an actual idiot who wants to pay for this shit, you can buy it on my Bandcamp here.
Dimbeak2 years ago2018-07-31 04:53:07 UTC 3 comments
i forgot, so this is a day late now
Dimbeak2 years ago2018-07-25 00:47:43 UTC 6 comments
I released an EP. I might be making OKAY music at this point in time.
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Hey guys, I made a thing.

Can someone give me their thoughts on the thing?

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My solo album. It is """music""".

Recommended Tracks:
-This Wasted Land
-Gayboys II
-Detective Mavish

Support my shitty """band""" on Patreon and you can get amazing perks like this.
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anybody want some cigarettes? I'm buyin'
Dimbeak3 years ago2017-05-27 17:59:51 UTC 14 comments
Last night, I finally graduated highschool, met my long lost father, and my dog came back to life.
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It's a start.