Suparsonik2 weeks ago2020-05-19 18:19:47 UTC 6 comments
I'm no longer a student as of about a week ago. I've also got a piece of paper with my name on it. It's very exciting.
Suparsonik8 months ago2019-10-05 15:49:17 UTC 8 comments
Suparsonik1 year ago2018-11-05 04:38:35 UTC 6 comments
My birthday was a month ago now!
Suparsonik2 years ago2018-04-12 21:24:36 UTC 3 comments
The project I've been working on for the past 3 years is released as a game on Steam! Check it out!
Suparsonik3 years ago2016-10-04 15:26:49 UTC 10 comments
Happy birthday to me!
Suparsonik3 years ago2016-08-11 16:23:34 UTC 13 comments
I haven't written a journal in awhile so... here you go. Dubs.

At the request of Penguinboy and Tetsu0, I have decided to add a little bit onto this journal to make it less of a "spam journal". Have some screenshots of my super duper cool game I'm working on.
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Suparsonik4 years ago2016-01-11 23:30:18 UTC 3 comments
Damn, I missed my sixth birthday.
Suparsonik4 years ago2015-10-04 13:12:05 UTC 8 comments
I am now 0 years old.
Suparsonik4 years ago2015-07-05 22:47:29 UTC 8 comments
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Suparsonik5 years ago2015-01-09 19:28:09 UTC 9 comments
I'm five years old today!
Suparsonik6 years ago2014-05-21 15:24:00 UTC 30 comments
Claiming dubs while I still can.
Suparsonik6 years ago2014-03-12 23:04:14 UTC 6 comments
Got hooked back into some DOOM modding and gaming. Love me some DOOM.
Suparsonik6 years ago2013-12-05 00:08:55 UTC 6 comments
A little late to the party but, Breaking Bad? Breaking Bad.
Suparsonik6 years ago2013-10-31 08:33:41 UTC 7 comments
Can you feel my love buzz?
Suparsonik6 years ago2013-10-04 08:22:30 UTC 39 comments
Happy birthday to me!