RollingBarrel7 years ago2014-09-11 20:05:36 UTC 12 comments
Today I figured out how to embed screenshots/photos, thanks to Rufee!
So: Here's a few shots of my to-be mod;
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
I'm trying to get my grave stones to look more scattered and old- also any help making decals for an old worn out gravestone-look would be nice. I'm not great at making textures- I tend to be more of a mapper who relies on pre-made textures.

So... This is supposed to be part of my mod, called The Village. I have absolutely NO idea of storyline at the moment, but I find concentrating on the small details in maps bit-by-bit is a good way to start.

The church itself is probably going to be a part of the story; The eerie
graveyard, etc. I also may find a way of implementing changing from day-to-night; by changing brightness and sky etc on a timer or something.

Feedback Appreciated!

In other news...
I have to decide what to do for work experience week at some point, preferably before Christmas. Should I work in a shop, a library, at a center of something-or-other, or what?

What did you do (Or might do?) for work experience week?