Journal #4486

Posted 16 years ago2007-07-22 19:03:33 UTC
Did alot more work on FF, ill just explain what i've done over the past... 2 days.

1.Finished half of the aliens in makeing their noises random.
2.Finaly started on funny things for level 9, Kc8Kjp helped me a little in the starting.
3.Completly messed around with the grunts sentances in the sentance folder and made a differnt speach for the suit when you pick it up or have differnt things happen.
4.Made differnt noises for the weapons.
5.Got sounds from HL2 and CSS that will either be used in HLFF or HLIF.

Most happy one about is this. 6.Decided to work on the orignal FF maps, at that time thier was 5, but 4 were finished, I thought of working on these when I played level 4 The Puzzle, because the area looks simlar to level 1 of FF1. I think I will add new things to the maps, I just need to fix them up and make sure I dont get any errors, but as good of a mapper as I am now, that should not be a problem.


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