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Posted 16 years ago2007-08-16 01:05:39 UTC
I have been up to... uh idk, well anyways, I have been playing HL2 more often then CSS now. Thats good news cause now im mapping for a mod that will be useing HL2, its called DayDream. DayDream will be basicly like a dream, where anything can happen at anytime, such as the game will have Horror, Funny things, and Action. The first map has already gone to hell with an error and is in the map vault.

Besides that I now can basicly... surf on wood like most glitch finders have found.
P1:My first sucsessful time flying on a board.
P2:Haveing a blast getting the hang of it.
P3:Is alex still talking about that oldschool gravity gun?
P4:Those Buggys are so outdated, the flying wood board is so newschool.
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5:06Am ??F Pogo Stick - System Of A Down


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