Journal #4573

Posted 16 years ago2007-09-01 20:34:07 UTC
Well, im pretty muched fucked as my account has been stolen I believe. That means ill probably have to get another copy of CSS and HL2 since Valve were fucking retarded for letting you only activate it once. It makes me fucking pissed how now I cant play my favorite game and make the map I was working on.

Besides me getting pissed at Valve about that, im pretty sure I noticed a Fourm about somthing like this in how Valve only allows you to activate the program once. Other then that FF has had its slowest progress and is possibly gonna be put off until at least halfway through the school year. I would love to map, but because of what has happend, I wish I could just get a chainsaw and cut off the fucking hijackers arm.


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