Journal #4905

Posted 15 years ago2008-02-27 19:05:19 UTC
1001 days at TWHL! How time flies, it feels like only yesterday that I was attempting to use Hammer 3.4 to map for Source, and complaining avidly that it wouldn't work! :) ...How Shameful!

But seriously, I've had a great time here, and plan to stick around for as long as possible... or until I post a dramatic "I'M LEAVING - YOU CAN'T STOP ME" thread, complaining about how the community here is deteriorating, blah, blah, blah...

This place is great, we're a friendly bunch (generally), and the work put into TWHL3 is outstanding, and much appreciated all around, not that I need to point that out.

I'll end my rant here. I'm pissed off anyway because I wanted to post this yesterday on the 1000 mark! :)


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