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Posted 12 years ago2008-04-20 18:26:24 UTC
Some may be interested, some not, but this is what I've been workin on for the past year.

Of course, these pictures are now a year old but you still have an idea.

This thread

will give you some ideas as to the particulars.

When I get time and the internet, I will post some updated pictures.

Be good,

To those that be, the new site looks grand.
Take care.


Commented 12 years ago2008-04-20 21:26:52 UTC Comment #52225
For the bug problem orph, I'd invest in some Bat houses. They work wonders for me!
Commented 12 years ago2008-04-21 00:19:38 UTC Comment #52224
Oklahoma Orph? -- I'm in Texas, close.

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