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Posted 15 years ago2008-09-15 18:45:24 UTC
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Looks like I'm popular :P

International Talk Like a Pirate Day - Almost Here!
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That's right! It's International Talk like a Pirate Day in just 3 more days. I started celebrating it 2 years ago when somehow I came across this site:

Seems all you gotta do it talk like a pirate all day and if you want you can dress up too! I usually just talk pirate on MSN and at home ;D

So me matey's while we be waiting for the special day I present thee with booooooty!



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Commented 15 years ago2008-09-15 19:19:27 UTC Comment #44285
that's on my birthday! Yarr!
Commented 15 years ago2008-09-15 19:27:16 UTC Comment #44278
So you're 17? You get older every year! Well you know what I mean! :P
Commented 15 years ago2008-09-15 22:54:39 UTC Comment #44287
I'm glad there are shows like that around to tell kids to be pirates. And we wonder why kids don't listen to their parents, get heavily into drugs, get pregnant at age 13, and run away from home...

Because you ARE a pirate... =P
Commented 15 years ago2008-09-16 00:47:30 UTC Comment #44274
no u
Commented 15 years ago2008-09-16 01:12:31 UTC Comment #44294
Habboi likes black penis
Commented 15 years ago2008-09-16 07:27:40 UTC Comment #44279
I actually prefer your mum.
Commented 15 years ago2008-09-16 08:41:40 UTC Comment #44295
My mom died on a car accident :(
Commented 15 years ago2008-09-16 13:29:27 UTC Comment #44276
I missed it the past 2 years. I've made a note to myself this year to piss people off.
Commented 15 years ago2008-09-16 16:52:42 UTC Comment #44292
"My mom died on a car accident :("

Commented 15 years ago2008-09-16 17:14:17 UTC Comment #44296
lol I was joking :D

And yeah, I know I'm a bastard :(
Commented 15 years ago2008-09-16 19:37:18 UTC Comment #44280
Har har we thought it was so funny we cried until we died and actually finished a level in Hammer.
Commented 15 years ago2008-09-16 22:21:15 UTC Comment #44275
SHIVER ME TIMBERS! please.. im lonely
Commented 15 years ago2008-09-17 01:29:16 UTC Comment #44297
"Har har we thought it was so funny we cried until we died and actually finished a level in Hammer."

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Commented 15 years ago2008-09-17 09:31:32 UTC Comment #44286
Spike, go kill yourself. Sayin' your mom died as a joke is not funny, not even on zeh interwebz.
Commented 15 years ago2008-09-17 10:05:50 UTC Comment #44299
Sayin' go kill yourself as a joke is not funny, not even on zeh interwebz.

Edit: oh yeah... I was not trying to be funny, just trying to make Habboi feel bad, and I failed
Commented 15 years ago2008-09-17 10:46:14 UTC Comment #44288
Well my mum got cancer. Beat that.
(She's alright now though)
Commented 15 years ago2008-09-17 11:01:20 UTC Comment #44282
Spike I only feel for people when I see them in person, you're just text on a screen to me, I can say whatever I want cause what's text gonna DO?
Commented 15 years ago2008-09-17 11:29:38 UTC Comment #44300
It worked with Moab :\

And TJB my dad too :D He's ok now
Commented 15 years ago2008-09-17 12:08:19 UTC Comment #44293
"It worked with Moab :\

And TJB my dad too :D He's ok now"

Commented 15 years ago2008-09-17 17:05:50 UTC Comment #44302
You can't have these journals anymore sorry
Commented 15 years ago2008-09-17 17:28:08 UTC Comment #44283
Aw man, looks like I'll have to go back to Snarkpit...


I read the news post, YOU LIE!
Commented 15 years ago2008-09-18 03:03:31 UTC Comment #44303
you can't call me gay thats against the rules you are a homophobe
Commented 15 years ago2008-09-18 11:16:39 UTC Comment #44289
Yarrr. I never new I was a parent. Damn cheap condoms.
Commented 15 years ago2008-09-18 12:06:48 UTC Comment #44304
you can't say condoms that's against the rules stop going off topic talk about mapping or get out
Commented 15 years ago2008-09-18 14:26:17 UTC Comment #44290
Well I did say 'Yarrr', which is relevant to the subject of the journal.
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Commented 15 years ago2008-09-18 19:06:40 UTC Comment #44291
Ahoy there!
Commented 15 years ago2008-09-19 13:05:24 UTC Comment #44272

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