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Posted 13 years ago2009-01-15 12:50:31 UTC
Jailbreak: Source is coming close to release and recently they've blessed us with some new screenshots and the announcement of a new gamemode, I quote;

"The concept of Deathball is simple, when the ball is in the goal, the enemy jail is locked. So keep the ball in the goal, and kill off the enemy team! If the ball is out of the goal, the enemy can let themselves straight out! And if the ball is in your goal, you best get it out quick, otherwise you're going to very rapidly find yourself on your own, or vapourised!"

I, being a beta-tester, can say that it's really fun to play and quite well polished.
So when it hits the 0.5 go download that mod; support the scene! Vote!
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Commented 13 years ago2009-01-15 13:04:20 UTC Comment #50545
Would play it if there were any servers nearby. Last time I tried, all servers had 300+ latency (even then it was more-or-less playable).
Commented 13 years ago2009-01-15 13:07:12 UTC Comment #50546
Shamefully, it's true the good servers are all located in England and America. But perhaps this will change when 0.5 releases, so give it a try then. 0.4 is totally different anyways; much has changed.

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