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Posted 10 years ago2009-12-09 23:15:57 UTC
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Woke up this morning to this; 6" of snow, and ice rain.
My school was closed until 11:00AM, but incidentally, that's when my first class starts. I woke up at 8, got outside at 8:30, finished snow-blowing and clearing my car at 10, showered and ate by 10:20, got to school at 10:54.
The parking lot was only 1/4 of the way plowed, so i decided to do a few e-brake powerslides around the lot.
I got into my class and forgot that we had a test. After studying for about 19 seconds (listening to a friend of mine explain a circuit) i got an 84 on the test. After that, i wrote 2 lab reports, and had about 3 LAN matches of Call of Duty 2. All of which i won. By a spread of 20-25 kills.

TLDR: Snow day, but it was a good day.


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You see, what's being shown on your photo is one of the main reasons why I moved from Reading, Pennsylvania to Arecibo, Puerto Rico. When it comes to the difference in weather, there's just no comparison. Anyway, have fun making your first snow man of the season....
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You're in Arecibo? Near the giant radar dish?
And dont know if i'll have time to make a snow man before it melts. Final exams and work and such.
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Yep, the same radar dish, though technically speaking it's really a radio telescope. Radars by definition are designed to detect objects that are far away. Radio telescopes on the other hand, are for detecting far away radio signals, like the ones in deep space. I live a little less than 5 miles from it. While that giant dish is nestled among Arecibo's southern mountains, I'm located near the northern coast.
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In over twenty years, I've only had a millimetre of snow two years ago. It didn't quite look like this. Although many said it was a lot more outside the city. But I didn't see it so it doesn't count :P
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"6" of snow, and ice rain."
They closed your school for 6 inches?!
It takes....
What? Only that?
Oh, nevermind. We only got about half an inch. Then again, we also had a shitload of rain. I got the entire day off, but I didn't do too much with it... :(
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We just got roughly 9-11 or so inches, the hood of my car had snow going up past the roof of my car, we've been out for two days now.

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