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Posted 11 years ago2010-06-27 04:39:51 UTC
Ok, so I stumbled over here due to a forum link from a very old site. Both TWHL and RUST were linked in my signature block.
RUST seems to have died or gone Wiki with no contributors.
TWHL seems to have expanded exponentially... well done all.

So the first thing that caught my eye was the Verc Archive. Long before Source Tool Kit there was Hammer, before Hammer there was Worldcraft and what a right royal pain that thing was. I still remember making my first room and banging a crowbar against a steel shelf.. How cool was that :)

Anyway since I am on a nostalgia trip, I had the great honour of speaking to a lot of the people listed on the Verc tutorials. A few of them work for Valve these days, others have (like me) dissappeared into mapping and design obscurity. The one thing common to all of them was their love of Half Life design and their ability to push the engine to it's limits.

Take Care all.



Commented 11 years ago2010-06-27 07:26:11 UTC Comment #33302
"A few of them work for Valve these days".
Wow, that's impressive.

It's also nice to see very old members come back to TWHL. Especially members I've never had the chance to see them active :).
Commented 11 years ago2010-06-27 07:28:44 UTC Comment #33291
I can't believe it. You're alive?
Commented 11 years ago2010-06-27 08:15:58 UTC Comment #33305
A legend returns. Then leaves again. :(
Commented 11 years ago2010-06-27 12:13:37 UTC Comment #33289
Commented 11 years ago2010-06-27 17:50:31 UTC Comment #33292
Commented 11 years ago2010-06-27 18:18:32 UTC Comment #33304
Commented 11 years ago2010-06-27 22:06:37 UTC Comment #33295
Yep, TWHL is still kicking.
Nice to see you're still around.
What ARE you doing nowadays?
Commented 11 years ago2010-06-28 00:27:19 UTC Comment #33290
Andy! Holy crap...
Commented 11 years ago2010-06-28 03:06:18 UTC Comment #33298
I don't really know you Andy, but good luck!
Btw, I remember worldcrafter too :D. that was a looong time ago.
Commented 11 years ago2010-06-28 04:38:43 UTC Comment #33287
It's funny because you're confusing my old screen name with the name of the program that it was based on.

$5 says Andy will never see this.
Commented 11 years ago2010-06-28 05:07:34 UTC Comment #33303
Soup Miner=Worldcrafter.
I still know him by the name "worldcrafter", not soup miner(probably because it's making more sense than mining soup =)) ).
Commented 11 years ago2010-06-28 08:44:53 UTC Comment #33299
worldcraft is the name of the program. worldcrafter is referring to the program in another way.
Commented 11 years ago2010-06-28 12:46:06 UTC Comment #33293
Aye, worldcraft was really a pain.
Commented 11 years ago2010-06-28 12:47:26 UTC Comment #33296
whats the differences? WC vs Hammer
Commented 11 years ago2010-06-28 15:17:37 UTC Comment #33288
Seriously, Worldcraft was exactly the same as Hammer, just without some bug fixes and whatnot. Everything worked the same, so how was it a pain?
Commented 11 years ago2010-06-28 17:58:55 UTC Comment #33294
Everything worked nearly the same.
Commented 11 years ago2010-06-28 18:09:20 UTC Comment #33301


Commented 11 years ago2010-06-28 19:51:28 UTC Comment #33297
Omg CT has a brilliant idea. If he ever reads this again, he should SO judge it.
Commented 11 years ago2010-06-29 15:34:29 UTC Comment #33300
but lets face it. he will not!
Commented 11 years ago2010-07-01 07:38:00 UTC Comment #33286
Whoa. You've been away so long that a lot of members probably have no idea who you are...

Coincidently, what are the odds that I'd stumble on here and see a Journal entry from you? Good to hear from you!

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