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Posted 13 years ago2010-09-23 13:42:12 UTC
Last year(s) I haven't been gaming much. It has lost my interest. However, I recently went through the list of games I had obtained over the many years. It was a boring sunday, matter of fact, so I couldn't help but to try some Half-life. I did the training course and then I did some matches online. Before I knew it I opened Counter-Strike and later on I tried some Ricochet. All kinds of vague memories started to pop up. In a hurry I visited TWHL and raided the map vault. Heck, after more than a year of absence I could still remember my password. To make things worse, I actually downloaded Deathmatch Classic just so that I could playtest a map. After this rush of happenings on just a lazy sunday I haven't done anything game-related, but the idea of making a map is itching. I'm doing university now, so my time is scarce, but it only seems so obvious I can't kick the habit. It's funny to see something so worthless as gaming had such an impact on my life. I have other interests now, but the memories remain. Sad? Perhaps, but the memories are ever so sweet.


Commented 13 years ago2010-09-23 14:00:32 UTC Comment #50550
Hey, welcome back! Haven't seen you around for a while...
Commented 13 years ago2010-09-23 16:07:32 UTC Comment #50548
I missed you :'<
Commented 13 years ago2010-09-24 11:23:46 UTC Comment #50549
Commented 13 years ago2010-09-24 19:31:56 UTC Comment #50551
LOL! He downloaded DMC just to play my map. :)
Commented 13 years ago2010-09-25 00:34:23 UTC Comment #50547
Welcome back, FresheD!

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