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Posted 7 years ago2012-01-22 19:08:41 UTC
Rimrook RimrookGoldsource Guru
As Lyssa and I were visiting the bookstore for some Steven King stuff, I noticed the Romance novel section. I made a rather astute observation and decided to conduct the following experiment.

Thesis: Does the content of the cover really tell you about the contents of the book, can a romance novel be judged by its cover?

Process: Thumb through and read parts of the books until satisfied with content therein.

Book 1 - Cover showed a man and a woman couple.
Apparently Ms. Rowe went to her sister's wedding, and predictably enough finds a strappingly beefy Scottish man names Brian visiting as he was a relative of the groom. They kick it off, but reluctantly he had a wife in his home country he didn't much care for. He cheats on his wife until she flies to the USA and confronts the woman, but later she finds a new lover of her own and everyone is relatively happy.

Book 2 - Cover shown an elegant woman only.
After thumbing through, the lovely miss Thomlins in a 1700 Britain was trapped in an arranged marriage. She found herself coming into a fond attraction with the bar maid at the local tavern. Conclusively they had a sweet and romantic undressing and canoodling before Thomlins whacks her groom-to-be with a candlestick at the altar and runs off into the countryside with her lesbian lover.

Book 3 - Cover of a cowboy only (there were lots of these anyhow).
Regrettably Riley was on a ranch and found an attraction by the name of Stoker (really?) also working on the ranch. Shortly enough, the two end up having snoo snoo where Riley was worried about it falling out. Nuff read.

Book 4 - Cover of a pleasant town in a valley.
Who knoooooows.

Yes. Romance novels CAN be judged by its cover with a distinct and disturbing accuracy that is simply uncanny. Further funding for this experiment has be cut due to risk of resonance cascade.

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Commented 7 years ago2012-01-22 19:58:57 UTC Comment #41992
I thought you said Riley was worried about it falling off. Probably would have made for a more interesting story. Maybe cowboy lepers?

I volunteered at a library for school credit and saw some interesting covers. I never bothered to actually open them like you did though :P

I hope to be put to death by snoo snoo one day...

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