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Posted 7 years ago2012-03-07 21:50:55 UTC
Rimrook RimrookGoldsource Guru
I just got this from a Gamebanana Admin.

Hi Gents,
Congrats on your winning entries! It was a great turn out and it was difficult to get the places right. Sorry for the delay - my folks were in town for 3 weeks so I wasn't able to get much work done.
Anyway, here are the prizes - let me know if you'd like the cash via Paypal or I can get you games via STEAM.
Corvalho: $70 cash + Ripe3
cR45h: $50 cash + Ripe2
ColonelBD: $25 cash + Ripe1
Rimrook: $25 cash + Ripe1
OdoyleRules: $15 cash
Youpala: $15 cash
yumyumshisha: $10 cash
Doktor Haus: $10 cash
Boba Fett: $5 cash

ColonelBD and I tied for fourth. Considering that my entry was the ONLY goldsource entry, and all others were for TF2 or some other current-gen or source game. That just puts a smile on my face. There were quite a few source entrants that were good but didn't place.

This is the winner right here.
User posted image
And the GB Page for it here.


Commented 7 years ago2012-03-07 22:04:48 UTC Comment #42005
Congrats sir! =P
Commented 7 years ago2012-03-07 22:06:30 UTC Comment #42004
Commented 7 years ago2012-03-07 22:07:51 UTC Comment #42006
Was it Tom that judged? he is such an extremely nice guy.. (i couldn't find the original brief)
Commented 7 years ago2012-03-07 22:20:03 UTC Comment #42008
Awesome congratulations :D
Commented 7 years ago2012-03-07 23:05:09 UTC Comment #42002
Nice job rim!
amazing work
Commented 7 years ago2012-03-08 01:26:29 UTC Comment #42000
Now... I've been out of the loop for a while, so where did those spiffy HEV arms come from?
Commented 7 years ago2012-03-08 01:54:44 UTC Comment #42001
Arms came from here.
Commented 7 years ago2012-03-08 05:20:38 UTC Comment #42003
Very awesome, well done good sir
Commented 7 years ago2012-03-08 05:53:04 UTC Comment #42007
That looks like it will be really cool to use!
Well, if you don't mind 'downgrading' it a bit by making LD hev arms version of the model, as well as getting some HUD sprites and whatnot, I think I can code this into my mod (if you want to see what it's like)

I'm thinking at a glance to code the stats for this weapon to be something like 2 shots per clip, uses 357 ammo, no recoil, and faster rate of fire than the vanilla revolver.

Actually I'm just going crazy from coding HL1 weapons lately, feel free to ignore this comment.

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