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Posted 10 years ago2012-03-15 12:35:58 UTC
Taylor TaylorJohn Romero's Bitch
Happy owner of a Gainward GT 440 1GB videocard, just in time for my low-mid range quad-yearly GPU swap.

It's funny how 5 years ago the roughly same, then-high-end X1900 XT needed an extra power cable, while producing the electricity bill of a washing machine and vacuum cleaner altogether - and that card seems like yesterday. I must be getting old.


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Welcome to the 21st century.
Commented 10 years ago2012-03-15 21:59:54 UTC Comment #50649
Nice, i got to get me some of those new high tech nvidia GPUS. Im still using this old 9600GSO piece of trash.
Commented 10 years ago2012-03-16 20:08:24 UTC Comment #50647
@Daub & Collapse: Thanks, was about time :)

@Stojke: Had a similar AMD HD 2600 Pro, and I gotta say, after trying this thing with a couple of games, the only ones giving it a hard time were Crysis at 1440x900 with everything cranked up to max, and Just Cause 2. But with a few minor compromises, even those ran at a constant 20-30 FPS.

Pretty fucking sweet for roughly 80 USD.

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