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Posted 6 years ago2012-06-21 18:18:53 UTC
I just bought Deus Ex: Human Revolution for $30 last week. Today I find out it's on sale for $7.49.



Commented 6 years ago2012-06-21 18:20:57 UTC Comment #52126
Steam is a bitch sometimes, this happened to me in the past when I bought Gmod for a friend for 10 euros, and next week it was 75% off or something like that...
Commented 6 years ago2012-06-21 18:26:16 UTC Comment #52124
It was recommended that I write Valve and complain lightly about it.

10 dollars doesn't bother me. 15 dollars wouldn't even bother me. But losing 22.51 because I couldn't wait a few days... feelsbadman.
Commented 6 years ago2012-06-21 18:29:25 UTC Comment #52127
It sucks even more when you realize that it's not their itch, it's yours.
Commented 6 years ago2012-06-21 18:43:12 UTC Comment #52125
That's what I WOULD have thought.

They said other people had good luck with doing so, though.
Commented 6 years ago2012-06-21 20:35:31 UTC Comment #52123
I bet if you did a ticket through Steam, they'd refund you money. Or give you store credit or something.

Valve is cool like that.

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