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Posted 7 years ago2012-09-12 02:51:15 UTC
For the past week I was:
  • getting scammed in games
  • watched a game about ditching a girlfriend (see #1 below)
  • played a bunch of super mario world hacks, none of which I could beat legitimately (see #2 below)
  • watched an anime about an MMORPG only to find out later that it gets explicit and R-rated
  • Tried out E.Y.E Divine cybermancy (see #3 below)
1. I watched a playthru of what can be considered the shortest visual novel ever, about you trying to ditch your closely attached girlfriend. The entire game was in sepia tone and there was something very wrong about the whole affair. Needless to say, the very life of the protagonist was hanging in the balance.

2. Played 4 hacks (or mods, same idea) of super mario world. I was able to beat none of them. One had a coding problem where bowser's castle opened but the path didn't so I couldn't go there; the hack was riddled with a bunch of other problems as well (such as levels being blurry because the transition effect screwed up)

In another hack, it was so difficult (imagine playing mario with NO MUSHROOMS AT ALL anywhere) that I gave up. I'm too lazy to play a game with savestate spamming.

In yet a third hack, I was able to beat this boss but the boss room didn't register its defeat because a lone goomba was left in the room. I was unable to get rid of the goomba because in SMW you can't kill goombas directly; you can only throw them into other enemies. I gave up on that one.

In the 4th hack I got all the way to Roy's castle where you must get thru THREE AREAS, two of which are AUTO SCROLL LEVELS. In both autoscroll levels, you must run like a mofo to jump from springer to springer avoiding spikes and landing on 1-unit long ledges. It was getting boring. I made it into Roy's room but STUPIDLY DIED when he only needed one more bop.

3. I tried out a demo of E.Y.E Divine cybermancy, a source engine FPS-RPG game on steam. All I can say is, it's a bit too complicated for me. Theres too many skills and no quick way to access them: Theres super jumping, super sprinting, cloaking, healing, and about 10 others, with a possibility for maybe 30 more skills. While your menu is open you are VULNERABLE to enemy fire. The weapons have iron sights and multiple fire modes, and unfortunately aren't very strong. I keep getting killed by these armor clad samurai creeps armed with better weapons. And what's worse, they have a respawn point right outside my starting room, so there's pretty much an endless stream of them. I couldn't go 1 block without getting swarmed by like 5 samurai creeps.

There's a money purchase system that's quite widespread in the game, with many possible ways to develop your character. The focus of this game is obviously on skills and abilities development rather than on weapons loadouts. I'd recommend this if you are good at micromanagement of about 30 or 40 odd skills. Otherwise it might be too overwhelming for you. (By comparison, borderlands had 1 skill per character.)

Yeah, so, not particularly thrilled today.


Commented 7 years ago2012-09-12 04:34:43 UTC Comment #63320
What? And no details about the adult MMORPG? What was the point of this journal then? What a letdown.
Commented 7 years ago2012-09-12 07:27:50 UTC Comment #63322
People make games too complex and not dynamic now days. Lots to learn for those.

Give info on anime.
Commented 7 years ago2012-09-12 17:12:44 UTC Comment #63321
the anime is called sword art online basically this mad scientist/game programmer removes the log out function from a virtual reality headset MMORPG video game and thousands of ppl died to monsters from level 1.

However by episode 10 it appears as they main characters (one being around 14 years old apparently) had an explicit R-rated encounter. All of this occurring in an MMORPG video game. Maybe the programmers got a bit carried away with this stuff. Unfortunately, the novel version of this seems to be even more detailed bordering on porn, so whether this show was really about a video game (or something else) is difficult to establish.
Commented 7 years ago2012-09-12 17:42:34 UTC Comment #63323

I'm going to watch it :D

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