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Posted 5 years ago2012-12-25 13:28:30 UTC
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Well it's Christmas folks, how are you enjoying your day? Get anything interesting?

I got some game related t shirts, a freeview box for my old TV, Dark Knight Rises, the rest of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (had no money to buy season 3-7), a book called A Street Cat Named Bob and some money to go towards a new PC next year.

As I write this I can smell the turkey...mmmmmm

Pic of book:
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Commented 5 years ago2012-12-25 22:22:21 UTC Comment #44888
Pic of a weirder cat book, incredibly large:
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Commented 5 years ago2012-12-25 23:19:54 UTC Comment #44889
We celebrate non capitalistic Christmas so i got nothing :)
Except a great time and a feast.

Happy Christmas to all.
Commented 5 years ago2012-12-26 01:46:03 UTC Comment #44885
Wow that's a weird book Dimmy.

Sounds like you enjoyed it regardless Mr Stojke.
Commented 5 years ago2012-12-26 21:43:20 UTC Comment #44887
Stojken's christmas saves a great many pocketbooks and bank accounts' lives =)
Commented 5 years ago2012-12-28 22:01:11 UTC Comment #44886
I think Stojke's Christmas is a lot better than the Christmas we have in the West. Christmas here is mainly about a bunch of ungrateful spoiled children demanding gifts off their hard working parents.
I never ask for anything, most of the stuff I got for Christmas I bought myself. My mum did buy me a pair of jeans and a new belt so I'm happy though! ...and I bought a tungsten gold plated ring, the 'one ring' from lord of the rings, it looks exactly the same as the one from the movies :) . This ring will be, precious to me.

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