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Posted 5 years ago2013-02-22 12:51:35 UTC
During WW2, when project Aphrodite was in full swing.

(Aphrodite was an American "Mistel Project" But using old B-17s flown via radio control after the crew bailed out upon take off.)

One B-17 packed with explosives broke contact from it's handler aircraft. after numerous attempts to reestablish radio control failed, the handler aircraft turned home.

Allowing the explosive laden B-17 to fly until it exhuasted it's fuel and made a wheels up landing into a field in Germany.

Local Wermacht troops witnessed the landing and quickly surrounded the aircraft. They ordered the crew to evacuate the aircraft with thier hands up and surrender.
When they recived no reply, they opened fire......

The crater was 150' wide and 30' deep.

True story.


Commented 5 years ago2013-02-22 15:17:13 UTC Comment #66607
Where did you read this? Also, I doubt it was 150' wide and 30' deep.
I bet it was 45m wide and 9m deep in Germany.
Commented 5 years ago2013-02-22 15:38:32 UTC Comment #66609
Forum with WWII people, dunno if its true or not..
Commented 5 years ago2013-02-22 16:33:16 UTC Comment #66604
"True story."
"dunno if its true or not"

Why man, just.. why?
Commented 5 years ago2013-02-22 21:48:07 UTC Comment #66606
^ I seriously had to read that twice to even believe it...then I laughed.
Commented 5 years ago2013-02-22 21:50:16 UTC Comment #66608
I actually asked sincerely. I thought it was interesting and proceeded to search but didn't found anything.
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Commented 5 years ago2013-02-23 10:53:32 UTC Comment #66605
Movie script material.
Commented 5 years ago2013-02-23 11:01:00 UTC Comment #66611
Karken: True dat.

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