Journal #8184

Posted 5 years ago2013-06-14 15:02:13 UTC
While I'm not currently mapping anything (that will arrive one day), I am currently active with my SoundCloud.

You won't find any original music by me but instead playlists of some of my tastes in music. I update them often sometimes removing and adding tracks or making new playlists.

So once again (again?), I'll be lurking around here as per usual.


Commented 5 years ago2013-06-14 15:09:42 UTC Comment #53240
Why are we not playing League together, yet.
Commented 5 years ago2013-06-14 16:36:58 UTC Comment #53241
Good point. Add 'JoshCake' and I'll hop on whenever I have the chance to. Been playing more ARAM than normal Summoners Rift but I should be fine for both.

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