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Posted 7 years ago2013-07-09 03:05:36 UTC
Rimrook RimrookGoldsource Guru
UPDATE! See below.


By popular demand, the reason:

For the last bunch of years, Lyssa had an IUD. She's had it for a long time and its coming up on her 8th year I think. Somehow the IUD shifted and needs to be removed as soon as possible as it could puncture her womb and cause a lot of damage. The doctors have advised that it is too risky for her to have her tubes tied, so I offered to get a vasectomy since its faster, easier, cheaper, and more effective. Lyssa and I never wanted kids anyway. As for my legacy, I always liked the idea of an apprentice which could be anyone.


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But Rimrook, how're you gonna pass on your mapping legacy?
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Main question, why?
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Yeah, don't you plan to have children, man? It's a risky choice to take so early, man.
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It's not like he's getting a castration, guys. I'm fairly certain that a vasectomy still allows the testes to work, he'd just have to go to a doctor to extract the material via a minor surgery.
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A talking dog? An animated girlfriend? A 60 inch waistline? A personal barbershop quartet? ATTENTION?

But no, seriously - Why?
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My guess would be because it's cheaper over time than condoms.
EDIT: Well I was way off.
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Well there's a journal you don't see every day.
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I want to copy Rim's journal just to prove Daub wrong.
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Well I have to ask, why not the pill?
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I think Bruce passed out when seeing this post.

Rimrook, you've got ballz.


Is this going to leave your testosterone levels normal?

And if you REALLY went so far, have you considered the fact that you can give your girlfriend full body orgasm only by using your hand?!
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Uh... yeah, what Striker said...

quietly leaves journal
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I think you're too young for such a decision.
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why don't you two want children? just curious (you dont have to answer)
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Hey Guys, It's Lyssa, I thought I would Field a few of these questions.

Soup Miner- I Cannot take the Birth control Pill Due to the fact that I am intolerant to non biological hormones, AKA the Pill sends me off the deep end. That was one of the reasons I got the IUD when I was 21 in the first place. My medications (that I was taking back then) interfered with the effectiveness of the pill, so I stopped taking it, and when I tried to start again, it went badly, so the IUD was the Birth Control of Choice.

Striker- Trust me, he DOES do that. And I do the same to him. (this is probably TMI but we are past that I think)
If you are with a Girlfriend, would you REALLY not want to have sex again, like ever after having free roam for 4 years?
We are engaged to be married..that's a LONG time to go without sex, and I am paranoid enough that I won't let him near me with anything that can make babies unless there is some sort of fail safe.
As for testosterone levels, they should not be effected as not all testosterone is produced in the testes, some is also produced in the adrenal glands. The only thing he would lose would be his swimmers. He would still have a normal ejaculate, just sans swimmers.

Stojke- 26 is too young? I am 28. What would you consider "old Enough" exactly?
I mean I understand the doctors fighting me when I was 21, but I will be 30 in 2 years. So....yeah.

2muchvideogames- I personally have never wanted children due to the really shitty medical genetics I have been given. I don't think you were around when I had the Brain Surgery, but my Father has a small mass in the opposite side of the head (Mine was vascular not a "mass" but for lack of a better word) And That it is most likely that even though the AVM I had only occurs in 1% of the population, there is a chance our child could have one as well. I also have other genetic illnesses that are VERY difficult to deal with due to the fact that genetic illnesses is harder to treat with medicine that say just a chemically related illness. Not to mention I am intolerant to over 50 CATEGORIES of medications (we estimate 500 actual medicines in all) and that just sucks. My Father has the same thing, so the chance of a child getting my genetic grab bag are high
Aside from that I am also Phobic of pregnancy. The movie Alien comes to mind.
Rim personally just doesn't want children. He feels his life is fulfilled enough and he just doesn't feel his life would be better of for having kids then it is now. If that makes sense.
Kids aren't for everyone you know?

I just wanted to say that this is really hard for Rim. He is getting a LOT of flack about this. We aren't exactly sure why. I mean hell my mother is trying to subject me to a dangerous surgery (another one) instead of supporting us in this. Rim came here for the support of friends that have always been there for him. And he really does appreciate the support. Hell he still thinks Fondly on the Bazooka you all made him after the Kidney stone issues.
So while I don't mind answering these questions as they are valid, I just wanted to say that he really does value your support.

Hope that clears it all up.
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Too bad its like that. You're a great guy, a kid would be too.
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Yeah... it isn't mentioned that if we wanted kids, we would gladly adopt one.
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Also, heh, I forgot about that Bazooka.
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We <3 you, Rimrook and Lyssa.
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Not to sound like the bad guy but marriages can go both ways. Things can go wrong in a relationship, and you might regret it. But, I suppose you can always go through a vasectomy reversal if that happens, but it will of course won't work like it used to be.

I have friends way older. And most of them do usually regret not having a child. The idea of having an apprentice is kind of cool as well, though.

However, I also do understand Lyssa, and the chance of baby having AVM or other illnesses. I worked with handicapped, autistic and spastic children for a year, ... Also.. I met their families.. and it was a very depressing experience. But.. unless your genetic illnesses are incredibly serious, I'm sure the kid can cope with it, like you and your dad did.

Anyway, I do not really know how difficult your life have been with these illnesses, so I might be being a bit inconsiderate. And yea, kids aren't for everyone as well.

Just my thoughts on the subject. Best of luck!
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You are seriously brave, most men probably won't tell there close friends about this. So to do this with so many complete strangers around is just... Amazing.

I know how Lyssa feels about the whole not wanting to pass on genetic illnesses.
My oldest sister has Tuberous Sclerosis, and my middle sister has eplipse... Which could just be a sympton of something else (they actually don't know exactly what she has yet it could be T.S., we're unsure), and the chances I could pass on those genes too my children is extremely high.

I want children in the future but I'm going to go the safe way and get screened and right now that actually costs around $4000 ~ (USD) (No way I'll have that money anytime soon, good thing I don't want children anytime soon X) ).

I say good on you for being a wonderful man for your lady and having the balls to do this. And I hope you two have a lovely future~ And just think if you adopt you'll be making one or multiple kids very VERY happy. ;P
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Well, whatever he's doing and why, we should just generally support him.
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TWHL has sorta been a home away from home. Some people have seen me from being new to mapping, through college, and until now. You guys are like family so I feel confident to post this kind of stuff here.
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I must be under-aged for this as I have no idea WTH is going on, but read Striker's statement and agrees with him.

Sneaks off journal and disables account.
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How old are you, Ghost?
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He's older than me, I know what's going on.
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Good luck sir taking one for the team, and we at twhl are always concerned with your reproductive health and well-being =)

I'm surprised they haven't come up with the male "pill" yet, but it seems whatever method they come up with, every one has bad side-effects of some sort...

Wish you and Lyssa well! =)
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15. Should I be knowing this stuff?? o.o
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I think it should be at least known about. But if you're that young, just use condoms and have a good time.

I'm still considered young for this, but given circumstances, I'm old enough.
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Oh ok...
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Rim, I'm just seeing this now, but i can just say that i admire your courage. Lyssa, I admire your strength for what you've been through thus far.

I'd like to think of TWHL of my family, and after reading all the posts and responses here, you have my 100% support. It's an amazing thing to do for the woman you love.
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As I've learned the best way to avoid pregnancy is abstinence, but I know it's hard to do. Being Christian I believe sex is more important than we can perceive and goes beyond just pleasure and reproduction. It's hard not to do it with someone you love and i'm not saying I've ever had the will power not to.

I don't want children either, at least not now. But someday I might.

I think people are voicing their concern for you because we admire you and would like to see you pass on your genes to future generations. But what you do is clearly a personal decision, good luck!
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"Hell he still thinks Fondly on the Bazooka you all made him after the Kidney stone issues."

Ho ho I totally forgot about it. That takes me back.

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