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Posted 5 years ago2014-02-20 10:35:39 UTC
Captain Terror Captain Terrorwhen a man loves a woman
Lo, this MONSTER!
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Ever wonder how upgrading your gfx card will affect your 3d rendering ability in Hammer 4?
The answer is: Big-time!

Definitely noticed a general performance increase after getting a rig with an i7 processor, but since I didn't map much at the time, I can't be sure to what extent.

Now, after upgrading my gfx card(from GTX 630 to a GTX 650), the 3D performance increase is unmistakable! Before, I'd have to visgroup like a bandit just to have smooth 3D navigation on a big map, but now, I can have the entire map visible while editing, with no choppiness, nor any sort of lag!

If you were thinking about upgrading your gfx card and you map a lot, hesitate no further!*

*For Hammer 4 at least. i have yet to do any testing with Hammer 3.x


Commented 5 years ago2014-02-20 12:01:20 UTC Comment #56009
Noice acquisition mister!
Commented 5 years ago2014-02-20 12:39:37 UTC Comment #56010
Smells like prebuilt, why ?
Commented 5 years ago2014-02-20 13:06:27 UTC Comment #56012
Does that mean I can still call dibs on the drive?
Commented 5 years ago2014-02-20 13:33:46 UTC Comment #56002
yes rufee it is, unfortunately yes ='(

At least though after upgrayedding(spelt thusly, for a double-dose of it's pimping) the power supply and gfx card, it's very decent machine compared to what i'm used to using. That said, i will never by a prebuilt "bargain" computer again ;)
Commented 5 years ago2014-02-20 13:37:54 UTC Comment #56011
660ti is even more kick ass, why didn't you get that or was it too expensive ?
Commented 5 years ago2014-02-20 13:39:45 UTC Comment #56003
The 650 was on sale(retail) for under $100, so i just bought it.

i realize i could have saved some money and got something better online, but because the case is so compact, i half expected to have to return it for not being able to fit the card in ;)
Commented 5 years ago2014-02-20 13:50:18 UTC Comment #56013
._. You have space problems?

Why didn't you look into getting something with a cooler master case; those things are TOWERS.

Like mein. X3
Commented 5 years ago2014-02-20 14:08:54 UTC Comment #56004
Trust me, if i could go back in time, i would never have bought the machine. The 650 just clears, but i doubt any bigger GFX card would fit in there ;)
Commented 5 years ago2014-02-20 20:46:55 UTC Comment #56001
Dudes, stop putting downers on him by telling him what he could have bought. :P
That new PC feeling is one of the best, and it looks like one sexy beast. Congrats, my amigo.
Commented 5 years ago2014-02-20 21:00:26 UTC Comment #56014
It's so... Black... ._.
Like my avatar. I love black. <3
Commented 5 years ago2014-02-21 00:49:07 UTC Comment #56005
Ghost: yeah, there is not much to the case, but the fact that the red LED resembles a cylon, is a big plus for me =)

Clearly, the machine isn't perfect, but it's fine for the little bit of casual gaming and mapping i do, so i'm happy enough, and it's a huge improvement over my old Core 2 Duo machine =)

Maybe I'll add an SSD down the road, and that will be the last bit of money i will put into her..

Thanks for the comments bros! =P
Commented 5 years ago2014-02-21 10:09:12 UTC Comment #56015
Dude, as long as it does the job, isn't that what matters? AND OF COURSE!! I mean a Core 2 Duo? An i3 made SOOO much of a difference to me... But I has i7 now so I gave it to little sis.

PS the place it's at looks dodgey... You sure it won't fall off? ._.
Commented 5 years ago2014-02-22 03:55:26 UTC Comment #56006
Extremely dodgey!

It's just a metal shelf screwed into drywall. The even dodgier part, is the piece of plastic closeline holding up the free edge of the shelf, that's just out of the picture frame =P

The good thing, it frees up space in my already very-small room, and i can vacuum under it =P
Commented 5 years ago2014-02-22 04:04:15 UTC Comment #56016
Shit, you have no idea about vacuuming... I need to take an industrial blower unit to give it a good blow job... The amount of dust and stuff down there generates so much, I can't clean it so often because its a large tower, but when the pc decreases in performance, its usually because its extra fans (4) have sucked up crap and blocked shit.
Commented 5 years ago2014-02-22 04:16:19 UTC Comment #56007
What do you use to clean your fans?

I've been looking for an alternative to airduster for a while now. I know i could simply use an air compressor air gun, but air compressors hold moisture in the tank, so i shy away from that.

Eventually, i'd like to fork over the money for a canless air system, but man are they pricey!

And yeah, those fans get caked up quick! i blow out the intakes and exhaust on my laptop every couple weeks, and it's amazing to see the crap that comes out of there :o

Just found this one for $60, so i guess that's not so pricey after-all =P
Commented 5 years ago2014-02-22 05:58:25 UTC Comment #56017
Umm, I use a high powered DeWalt Leaf blower, or a Hitachi one when dad take that to clean up the ac vents and I'm not left with any other choice. Some serious output those bests have. So it gets rid of ALL the crap in there. B|

User posted image
Something like this, but with a 18 volt motor... The other is a 22 volt one. It blows me away. xD
Commented 5 years ago2014-02-22 07:08:36 UTC Comment #56008
lol i call overkill!

Unless it's variable speed, and haz a flexible wand attachment, then it could be the perfect option, as you can blow the leaves off your driveway when you are done with your computer =)

<searches leaf blowers>
Commented 5 years ago2014-02-22 10:51:10 UTC Comment #56018
The leaf blower I have doesn't, but the blower system/etc (The green one up here) has a variable power thing, scale of blow jobs rating 1 - 10. (:

It does a FANTASTIC job at getting dust out of the Fans, cooler gaps, chip board gaps, practically any fucking gap. And it doesn't damage the board! :D

But I rarely use the leaf blower, I use the Hitachi air blower.. Just hook it up to the socket out side, open up your shell, open throttle and VOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH! Blow those suckers yeah!
Insert top gun scene where a MiG 28 (actual T-5E talon ) gets blown up.

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