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Posted 3 years ago2015-04-15 05:05:58 UTC
I just played a russian mod that takes place in the USA. You start by going off in a helicopter generously provided to you by the G Man. Unfortunately, his generosity ends there, because you are not given any weapons at all before you leave for the enemy soldiers' base.

After being informed by on screen text the words "CHOPPER DOWN" you start out on a cliff overlooking several yards. One peek gets the attention of about 5-10 enemy soldiers. So what do I do? Got no weapons except the Freeman Fists. Might as well jump down to the yard filled with soldiers and see if any of them is generous enough to donate me a gun. Turns out they were only generous enough to donate some grenades.

About 5 or so minutes after that I somehow got the attention of an Apache Helicopter. At this point all I have is a crowbar and an assault rifle with scavenged ammo. There was no RPG to be found in what seems to be the first map of the mod. Makes sense.

Your mission is to find some scientists with sensitive information and try to bring them back to base alive, preferably. So I run around the base, fighting about 50 soldiers or so, until I get to this outdoor area. It seemed like daylight seeing the skybox, but the entire area was pitch black. Didn't go a few steps when the assassins started showing up. Oh boy. Fighting assassins in a pitch black canyon. You should try it, on hard.

About halfway thru the pitch black canyon map the path splits left and right. To the right there were a few soldiers (the map is still pitch black) but they were far easier to deal with than assassins. Too bad I couldn't see any grenades coming. And I should mention this mapper(s) absolutely loves the contact grenade grunt.

At the end of this path there is a small transition room not unlike the one you end up in before entering Black Mesa East in HL2. Except theres a grunt in the window watching me as I enter. Then, the door closes behind me and water starts flowing in from a pipe in the corner of the room. The other door does not open, leaving me to drown. That's right, it's the "Pick one right, you may pass, pick one wrong, kick your ass" gameplay.

So all the way back at the split I had to pick the right side in order to progress. This side is alot easier because instead of soldiers, it is filled with only houndeyes. I should also mention theres a taser in this mod. Just like the one in CSGO, with unlimited uses. So I went around basically, tasing houndeyes.

This mod has alot of tiny buttons and other confusing puzzles that took me longer to finish that it should be. At one point you enter this teleport (if you can find the tiny button that activates it) that takes me to this red spaceship with (again) a split path, left or right. Going to the left will result in you taking lots of damage from about 15 baby headcrabs. At the end of the path is nothing except a tiny button that blends in with the wall which you will never notice. Going to the right will put you at odds against annoyingly placed normal headcrabs as well as a laser machine that doesn't work unless you press the aforementioned tiny button. The rest of the spaceship is filled with alien grunts and more headcrabs.

Other fun things include: A knife from CS that wasn't coded too well because if you use it a certain way there's basically no cooldown. Theres also a locked door that can only be opened by shooting the panel next to it, but the panel itself appeared to have more HP than grunts. The final area of the spaceship was an endurance round versus three headcrab monstermakers. Unfortunately for them you can camp in a corner and just wait it out.

Back on Earth, you are greeted by more of the mod's favorite gameplay element: pitch blackness. It's a compound filled with soldiers and at the roof is a helicopter. I should mention how many times my flashlight ran out, but I already lost count.

As if that wasn't good enough, the next area again introduces the mod's second favorite gameplay element: assassins. And a puzzle that you must be REALLY observant to notice the solution to. From there on the mod returns to the tried-and-true formula that was used earlier: fighting assassins in a pitch black area. In fact from there on the rest of the maps (with the exception of the final map) are all basically versus assassins in totally dark areas. Of course, the darkness is no problem for the assassins because they are wearing the night vision goggles. While all you have is a little 5 dollar flashlight.

Anyway once you get past all that (if you get past them, that is) you will encounter the final map. Getting thru it, you ride in a wire trolley as the credits roll. Remember what your mission was? Neither do I.


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I cannot thank you enough and tell you how grateful I am for the TL;DR down there. You da real mvp.

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