Journal #8604

Posted 2 years ago2015-09-13 22:05:45 UTC


Commented 2 years ago2015-09-13 22:06:35 UTC Comment #54642
I am anticipating a mildly annoyed Penguinboy.
Commented 2 years ago2015-09-13 23:29:51 UTC Comment #54646
Commented 2 years ago2015-09-14 04:44:35 UTC Comment #54645
Can I compete with 2^13?
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Commented 2 years ago2015-09-14 10:55:12 UTC Comment #54647
TJB, what else DO you do in your free time..?
Commented 2 years ago2015-09-14 16:44:18 UTC Comment #54640
That's the million dollar question
Commented 2 years ago2015-09-14 18:37:36 UTC Comment #54644
Commented 2 years ago2015-09-15 13:32:29 UTC Comment #54643
Stu, if you can get TWHL to display that in base two then you can certainly compete.

And as for my free time, I don't really have much of it so the fact that I spent what little I had making that spinning Bateman gif is probably kind of sad.
Commented 2 years ago2015-09-16 00:40:47 UTC Comment #54641
That's quads for you.

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