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Posted 2 years ago2015-11-25 19:23:59 UTC
Will be test playing my ScoutzKnivez remake later today prolly around 5-6 pm central time.

Come join and check it out, cs 1.6 server.

User posted image
User posted image


Commented 2 years ago2015-11-25 23:03:57 UTC Comment #40508
Ha thanks for making it Trempler and some other dudes. I'll be in it gain soon. Oh and Stojke tested too. :)
Commented 2 years ago2015-11-27 19:28:53 UTC Comment #40511
Went to the server to try it. Interesting map, although from the screenshots I expected some bigger surf-type map :).
Commented 2 years ago2015-11-27 20:03:24 UTC Comment #40509
Thanks for checking it out. This video shows a little how you can surf it but I haven't dialed my lines yet.

Commented 2 years ago2015-12-05 00:21:42 UTC Comment #40510
Aw man I miss mapping... You still have subsanctum on your server? :PP

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