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Posted 1 year ago2016-09-26 12:13:42 UTC
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy


Commented 1 year ago2016-09-26 13:59:02 UTC Comment #49706
Happy birthday, my amigo!
Commented 1 year ago2016-09-26 14:08:42 UTC Comment #49709
Thanks!! Hope yours was good
Commented 1 year ago2016-09-26 14:38:05 UTC Comment #49707
It was, it was. Hope yours is good.
Could have sworn it was game_counter_set, rather than env_render, though.
Commented 1 year ago2016-09-26 14:52:45 UTC Comment #49732
Happy birthday, but why env_render, if that's not impolite to ask? :P
Commented 1 year ago2016-09-26 16:32:05 UTC Comment #49710
Not sure about your logic there, Archie. Loulimi, it's a riddle
Commented 1 year ago2016-09-26 17:18:53 UTC Comment #49721
trigger_once in a year! Happy birthday!
Commented 1 year ago2016-09-26 21:31:52 UTC Comment #49718
I know what Archie is thinking because that was my first thought too. As such, I'm not sure of the logic to use here.
Nevertheless, Happy Byrthdae!
Commented 1 year ago2016-09-26 23:43:18 UTC Comment #49726
User posted image
I'm probably following Archie's logic here too because I'm pretty sure you didn't turn 21.
Commented 1 year ago2016-09-27 01:13:18 UTC Comment #49723
Happy Birthday!
(Also, good thing it's not env_render (tfc)
Commented 1 year ago2016-09-27 02:15:45 UTC Comment #49711
I'm not understanding why you guys came to the conclusion of game_counter_set

I get it. It's not the ID number though you're close
Commented 1 year ago2016-09-27 03:22:54 UTC Comment #49731
Happy Birthday! Didn't get it but will one day xD
Commented 1 year ago2016-09-27 03:36:14 UTC Comment #49727
Nope. No idea.
Commented 1 year ago2016-09-27 09:26:52 UTC Comment #49705
Render has six letters. Tetsu0 is now six. I'm good at riddles.

Happy Birthday, you lucky little guy!
Commented 1 year ago2016-09-27 10:32:19 UTC Comment #49708
Commented 1 year ago2016-09-27 13:08:31 UTC Comment #49724
I think this might be the first time the riddle has stumped everyone.
Commented 1 year ago2016-09-27 20:35:34 UTC Comment #49712
The clue is that it's not the number of the entity within the guide.
Commented 1 year ago2016-09-28 02:30:19 UTC Comment #49728
It's the number of...
comments to that entry
edits to that entry
date of last edit
date of first edit
Nope. Still no idea.
Commented 1 year ago2016-09-28 05:54:55 UTC Comment #49719
I checked the fgd just in case there was some number in there that was relevant, but nae, there is not.
Commented 1 year ago2016-09-28 10:21:09 UTC Comment #49733
Happy birthday Tet, whatever env_render means lol.
Commented 1 year ago2016-09-28 11:25:45 UTC Comment #49713
It's simpler than all that. Just take a look at the entity guide
Commented 1 year ago2016-09-28 11:31:04 UTC Comment #49722
It's the 28th entity in that list. I wonder what's that supposed to mean in this journal hm?
Commented 1 year ago2016-09-28 11:44:17 UTC Comment #49725
Happy birthday ^^
Commented 1 year ago2016-09-28 12:52:06 UTC Comment #49714
Ayyyyy! Striker wins.
Thanks everyone
Commented 1 year ago2016-09-28 17:47:56 UTC Comment #49729
I woke up wondering if it was that, and I come here to find someone else also figured it out.
Commented 1 year ago2016-09-29 21:03:43 UTC Comment #49715
It's wonderful to know that you wake up thinking about me.
Just so long as you don't fall asleep thinking the same XD
Commented 1 year ago2016-09-30 15:36:10 UTC Comment #49734
So kewt SugarMan. <3
Commented 1 year ago2016-10-01 08:28:52 UTC Comment #49730
Sorry from me, Happy birthday Sorry for delay :( I would like to wish you stay active mapping xD env_render makers you colorful :D
Commented 1 year ago2016-10-03 09:46:17 UTC Comment #49720
For some reason I find if I'm a bit late in doing something I tend to delay even longer until it's too late, a habit which I really need to get out of.
So until I'm back at my proper computer, have this here placeholder:
User posted image
Commented 1 year ago2016-10-03 13:39:05 UTC Comment #49716
That's wonderful! Hahaa
Commented 1 year ago2016-10-03 13:39:11 UTC Comment #49717
That's wonderful! Hahaa

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