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Posted 5 years ago2016-10-08 20:46:18 UTC
Hi there again. Long time see huh. I missed mapping so much but i realized i can't waste my all time with that, right? :) Actually i finished my university and i became technician. After that, i must start my second university for being engineer. That means i think i will have much more free time then before. Or not :) . Actually, i want to learn programming and create a 2D ARPG game. That's my childhood wish. I think i fill my free times with learn programming. I just want to suggest me most useful programming language. Thanks for suggests and answers.

Sorry for bad english again :)


Commented 5 years ago2016-10-09 14:08:42 UTC Comment #68541
There's a couple handy programming languages that are good to know;

By far the most in-use language ( not necessarily popular ) is Java. That's a great one to learn.
Python is very similar to java except more of a scripting language than a programming one.
C / C# is very good as well.

There's a few other ones like Ruby & Haskell, however they aren't remotely as popular or in as much use as thsoe other 3.
Commented 5 years ago2016-10-09 22:13:40 UTC Comment #68542
Like Instant Mix said : start with "high level programming languages" such as Java and C#, they are both great for learning purposes and also great if you plan to do some applications/games that don't require too much "real time" stuff.

C is a "low level language" meaning that your program is "close to your computer" rather than depending on a CLR for C#/JVM for Java, it's a nice "jack of all trades" for video games but you will have to do more work, Java and C# does many dirty job for you (memory allocation, garbage collector...) but this isn't the case of C.

My suggestion would be to learn the 2 types of languages, start with a "high level one" (Java/C#) then move on to a lower one (C). One mistake that newbies made and you should be aware of : don't rush things and don't use your game project for learning languages, in other words, don't be that guy that knows nothing about programming and start writing an OpenGL renderer (I'm not kidding, I already saw people trying to write an OpenGL renderer and they couldn't even declare a variable).

Another friendly hint: if you have an error during the compilation of your programs the case of errors, don't have the "search on Google" reflex, you look at the error itself, the solution is explained to you very often.
Commented 5 years ago2016-10-10 19:45:58 UTC Comment #68543
Java and C#.

Understood. Thanks :)

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